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People younger than 25 are more than four times as likely as older people to use a cellphone while driving, a new study reports, and a driver talking on a phone is about 63 percent more likely to be a woman than a man.一项新研究报告,25岁以下的年轻人在驾驶时使用手机的可能性是较年长者的4倍还多,而且,女性在驾驶时打电话的可能性比男性高63%。Researchers in Texas estimated driver age and recorded driver and passenger characteristics and cellphone use for 1,280 drivers as they stopped at busy intersections near medical centers in Houston, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, San Antonio and Brownsville. The study, in Preventive Medicine Reports, gathered data from 2011 to 2013.得克萨斯的研究人员分别对在美国休斯敦、达拉斯、奥斯汀、埃尔帕索、圣安东尼奥和布朗斯维尔等市的医疗中心附近繁忙的十字路口处停车的1280名司机的年龄进行了估计,并记录了司机和乘客的特征和使用手机的情况。该研究发表在《预防医学报告》杂志(Preventive Medicine Reports)上,其中收集了2011年至2013年的数据。During that time, the percentage of drivers talking on the phone decreased, to 16.4 percent from 20.5 percent. But texting increased, to 8.4 percent from 6.4 percent.在此期间,司机打电话的比例从20.5%下降到了16.4%。但发短信的比例从6.4%增加到了8.4%。Lone drivers were more than four times as likely to be talking on the phone as drivers carrying passengers, and women were more than twice as likely to be texting as men.司机独自驾车时打电话的可能性是搭载乘客时的4倍以上,而女性发短信的可能性是男性的两倍多。“Areas of high-density car and pedestrian traffic really need to be considered for prohibition,” said the lead author, R. Sue Day, an associate professor of epidemiology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health. “And it may be helpful to concentrate future interventions on females and younger drivers.”“在交通繁忙,车辆和行人流量较大的地方确实需要考虑禁止(司机使用手机),”该研究的主要作者,得克萨斯大学休斯顿公共卫生学院健康科学中心(University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Public Health)的流行病学副教授R·休·戴(R. Sue Day)说。“而且,将未来干预的重点放在女性和年轻司机身上可能会更有帮助。”Texas has no statewide laws prohibiting driving while using a cellphone.得克萨斯州的法律并未禁止在驾驶时使用手机。 /201505/373178Keeping a pet cat puts owners at greater risk of going blind, but a dog appears to protect eyesight, a new study suggests.一项最新研究表明,养猫会增加主人失明的风险,但是养却能保护主人的视力。Scientists have discovered that dogs and cats carry antigens which can prompt different immune responses in humans.科学家们发现和猫身上都携带能激起人体的不同免疫反应的抗原。While the allergen which dogs carry reduces the chance of developing glaucoma – the second leading cause of blindness in theUK– owning a cat nearly doubles the risk of contracting the eye disease.身上携带的过敏原会降低主人患青光眼的几率,在英国,青光眼是导致人们失明的第二大诱因,而养猫让主人感染这一眼疾的风险增加了一倍。Many pet owners suffer mild allergic reactions to their pets but still choose to keep them. However the new study suggests that even a small immune response could lead to blindness.许多宠物主人对他们的宠物都有轻微的过敏反应,但是却坚持养宠物。然而最新研究表明,即使是个很小的免疫反应都有导致失明的危险。The study by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that cat owners who reacted to their pet allergen had a 90 per cent increased risk of glaucoma compared with non-pet owners. But dog owners were 20 per cent less likely to develop the debilitation condition.加州大学洛杉矶分校的这项研究发现,如果宠物猫的主人对他们的宠物过敏的话,其患青光眼的风险比没养宠物的人高90%。但是,宠物的主人出现视力减弱的几率却很可能比一般人低20%。Keeping a dog also has the added benefit that owners are outside more which has been proven to protect against short-sightedness.养的主人需要经常在户外活动,这同时也有助于保护主人的视力,不会近视。“Not only is Fido man#39;s best friend, he may also save your sight,” said British laser eye surgeon Dr David Allamby.英国激光眼科医生大卫·阿兰比士说:“宠物不仅是人类最好的朋友,还可以保护你的视力。”“Cats could cause our immune system to react in a way that predispose eyes to the development of glaucoma.“而宠物猫却会诱发我们的免疫系统做出不同的反应,导致青光眼的出现。”“Exposure to dogs appears to be linked to the opposite effect and could be protective against the disease.”“与接触却会产生相反的作用,并且还能防青光眼。”Glaucoma occurs when fluid in the eyeball stops draining efficiently, causing a build-up of pressure which damages the optic nerve and nerve fibres from the retina. Previous studies have suggested that inflammation can drive the disease and the researchers wanted to find out if that could be triggered by pet allergens.青光眼是由于眼球中的液体不能有效排出,导致眼内压力累积,从而导致视网膜的视神经和神经纤维受损导致的。早前的研究表明炎症能引起青光眼,研究人员同时还想弄清楚,宠物过敏原是否也会导致青光眼。Animals frequently groom themselves so allergens from saliva and secretions sp throughout the home, becoming airborne easily where they can be inhaled by humans.由于动物们频繁地梳理它们自己,所以来自唾液和分泌物的过敏原很快就扩散到整个家里,接着又通过空气传播很容易就被人类吸入体内。The researchers believe that dogs are healthier for humans because they spend more time outdoors.研究人员认为,对人类来说,更健康一些,因为它们大多数时间都在户外。“The protective effect of dogs could be due to their natural antigens in their dead skin, but might also be because they spend more time outdoors and are happy to get dirty, whereas cats are cleaner animals,” said Dr Anne Coleman, of UCLA.加州大学洛杉矶分校的安妮·科尔曼士表示:“的防护作用可能是来自于它们死皮内的自然抗原,但是也可能是由于它们更多时间都在户外,而且把自己弄脏了也很开心,然而,猫却是种爱干净的动物。”“We aly know that exposure to dogs and the germs and bacteria they carry can be good for the immune system. Now it seems to be the case for the eyes too.“我们已经知道接触和它们携带的细菌对人类免疫系统有益。现在发现这似乎对人类的眼睛也有益处。“Allergens from cats may have biochemical or physical properties that trigger antibodies targeting the optic nerve, while dog allergens may behave differently, possibly because dogs spend more time outdoors.;“猫身上携带的过敏原可能有生物化学性或物理性特征,能诱发针对视神经的抗体,而身上携带的过敏原起到的作用却不同,可能是因为大多数时间都在户外。” /201505/376071

5.Maraschino Cherries5.酒浸樱桃Maraschino cherries may have an Italian-sounding name, but they actually come from Croatia. Originally, Maraschino was the name of a liquor made from the Croatian Marasca cherries. Then fresh cherries were preserved in their own alcohol, and that#39;s what a Maraschino cherry is (or was). In the 1800s, they made their way to the US, where Americans replaced the Marasca cherries with Queen Anne cherries, which grew in Oregon. In 1912, the USDA formalized the term, and any non-Marasca cherry had to be labeled as an imitation product.The Maraschino cherries you buy at the grocery store today are made using a different method, one that#39;s alcohol-free. First they#39;re brined in a liquid calcium solution. Then they#39;re placed in sweetened, artificially colored syrup.乍一看名字,酒浸樱桃似乎源自意大利,事实上它的产地位于克罗地亚。最初,黑樱桃酒是由产自克罗地亚的欧洲酸樱桃制作而成的一种酒。随后,新鲜的樱桃被保存在黑樱桃酒中,这就是酒浸樱桃的来历。在19世纪,人们将酒浸樱桃的销路扩展到美国,然而美国人却用产自俄勒冈州的安妮樱桃冒充欧洲酸樱桃来制作。因此1912年,美国农业部制定了一项规定:任何不是以欧洲酸樱桃为原料制作的酒浸樱桃,都必须贴上;仿制品;的标签。我们今天在杂货店买到的酒浸樱桃,则是用另一种不使用酒精的方法制成的。此法首先将樱桃浸入液钙溶液中,然后将其置于人工着色的糖浆中即可。4.Ketchup4.番茄酱Ketchup may seem like an American invention since it#39;s a featured condiment for almost every American food from meatloaf to eggs. However, ketchup originated from a different type of sauce from China, which was made from fish. Five hundred years ago, Chinese sailors were sailing down the Mekong coast when they found a sauce made from fermented anchovies. The sauce was popular in Vietnam, and the Chinese sailors gave it the name ;ke-tchup.; This name is in the ancient language Hokkien, and the last syllable, ;tchup,; means ;sauce.;In the 17th century, British traders made their way to the region, and they ended up discovering ke-tchup. One hundred years later, they were hooked and ke-tchup became a prized possession.番茄酱通常被认为是美国人的发明,因为几乎所有的美式食品,无论是烘肉卷还是鸡蛋,都放有番茄酱来调味。但事实上,番茄酱源自于中国的一种由鱼肉制作而成的酱。五百多年前,中国的水手沿湄公河航行时,发现了一种以发酵的鳀鱼为原料的酱。这种酱在越南很受欢迎,中国的水手为其取名;ke-tchup;,这个词源自闽南语,;tchup;是酱汁之意。17世纪,英国商人来到此地经商,这才发现了番茄酱。100年以后,英美国家的人纷纷为这种酱汁着迷,番茄酱也因此成了当地人一笔宝贵的财富。3.Sauerkraut3.德国泡菜;Sauerkraut; means ;sour cabbage; in German, so you#39;d think it was a German invention. While it goes well with most German food, the original was Chinese. It came about around 2,000 years ago and was enjoyed by laborers building the Great Wall. The only real difference is that the Chinese fermented their cabbage in rice wine. The Germans draw out the water with salt.It was popular with Chinese workers because it was a good vitamin source, stored easily and did not spoil, and was a cheap and widely available food.;Sauerkraut;一词在德语中是酸白菜的意思,人们一般根据名字会认为它源自德国。尽管它与大多数德国菜都搭配得很好,它的原产地其实是中国。德国泡菜产生于2000多年前,由修筑长城的工人们腌制并享用。中、德两国人制作泡菜的最大差别在于:中国人在米酒中发酵白菜,而德国人用盐将白菜中的水分析出。这种泡菜含有维生素,方便储存,不易变质,是一种既便宜又易于购买的食物,深受中国工人的喜爱。2.Bologna2.洛尼亚熏肠The bologna we eat today is nothing like the food it#39;s originally based on. Bologna is supposedly named after the city in Italy, but the meat it is most similar to is mortadella. Mortadella is actually from Italy but only slightly resembles bologna. It#39;s often eaten by itself or as part of an appetizer platter with cheese, b, or sliced peppers and tomatoes. bologna is a sliced, processed meat and is most often used in sandwiches. Mortadella is of much higher quality and uses only the finest pork meat. It is liberally sprinkled with cubes of pure pork fat and minced, mixing everything together. The original stuff from Bologna will be marked as such and will have added pistachios and black pepper.现如今人们所食用的洛尼亚熏肠,与其最初所用的原材料截然不同。一般认为,洛尼亚熏肠的名字来源于意大利的洛尼亚市,但这种香肠所使用的肉质和意式肉肠(又译泰台拉香肠)最为相似。意式肉肠同样来源于意大利,但它与洛尼亚熏肠几乎没有什么相似之处。意式肉肠可单独食用,也可作为开胃菜的一部分,配以奶酪,面包或者切成片的青椒和番茄等食用;而洛尼亚熏肠是一种加工过的切片香肠,通常夹在三明治中食用。意式肉肠质量上乘,百分百选用上好猪肉。制作时大量加入肥肉丁和肉末,与其他原料混合制成。洛尼亚熏肠同样采用上述原料,并配以开心果和黑椒制成。1.Tempura1.天妇罗While we may attribute tempura cooking to the Japanese, it was actually a Portuguese innovation. Evidence lies in old Moorish cookbooks from the 13th century that feature tempura recipes. The word ;tempura; is actually thought to have derived from the Portuguese word ;temporas; which means ;Lent.; This makes sense, as the Catholic population would eat fish on Fridays and eventually decided to fry it—possibly because everything tastes better when it#39;s fried. Portuguese sailors (including traders and missionaries) sp it throughout the world, and it took hold in Japan in the 16th century. It sp to England as well, and is now part of their world-famous fish and chips.作为传统的日本菜肴,天妇罗通常被认为产自于日本。事实上,它是由葡萄牙人发明创造的。早在13世纪,古老的尔人的烹饪书籍中,就有天妇罗食谱的记载。;天妇罗;(tempura)起源于葡语中;temporas;(意为;大斋节;)一词。这样便很容易理解了,每周五,天主教徒会吃鱼。许是因为食物一经油炸便更加美味,后来天主教徒就将鱼炸制后食用。葡萄牙的水手(也包括商人和传教士)将天妇罗推广至世界各地,于16世纪传至日本。天妇罗同样被传至英格兰,如今已成为该国一道著名的炸鱼加炸土豆条菜肴了。翻译:冯璐 /201507/384663

  On a sun-drenched Saturday, Eddie Metairie wandered around the Cat Town Cafe amp; Adoption Center, past the miniature-golf-size buildings, cat perches and a bed shaped like a tuna can as he followed Lucia, an independent-minded brown tabby.在一个阳光普照的周六,艾迪·梅泰里(Eddie Metairie)正在猫镇咖啡馆兼收养中心(Cat Town Cafe amp; Adoption Center)四处转悠,他跟着一只思想独立的棕色虎斑猫露西亚(Lucia),经过几处迷你高尔夫球场大小的建筑、几处供猫栖息的高台和一张形如金鱼罐头的床。Going to a shelter to find a cat in a cage “is heartbreaking,” said Mr. Metairie, a project manager at a hotel supply company, but the Cat Town Cafe “feels organic.” He was having fun.去动物收容所选一只关在笼子里的猫咪“简直令人心碎,”在一家酒店用品公司担任项目经理的梅泰里说,而猫镇咖啡馆“给人很自然的感觉。”他乐在其中。By the time his -an-hour playtime was up, Mr. Metairie had made plans to take the cat home and rename her Amélie.等到每小时10美元(约合人民币62元)的游戏时间结束时,梅泰里已经打算把这只猫带回家,并为它改名艾米丽(Amélie)了。The Cat Town Cafe amp; Adoption Center, which opened in late October and has arranged 52 cat adoptions so far, claims to be the first permanent cat cafe in the ed States. Customers line up for locally brewed strong coffee, handmade bagels and “vegan fig nut pop tarts” (the proprietors clearly know their audience). When it is time to visit the cat zone, visitors push through glass doors to another world of lounging cats, all of them candidates for adoption. There are no cages.猫镇咖啡馆兼收养中心于10月下旬开业,到目前为止,已安排客人收养了52只猫,号称美国第一家永久性的猫主题咖啡馆。客人们排着队来买当地鲜煮的浓咖啡、手工百吉饼和“全素无花果坚果挞”(老板显然很了解咖啡馆的客户群)。到了参观猫区的时间,客人们就会穿过玻璃门,进入另一个世界。那里到处都是懒洋洋的猫咪,都在等着被收养。屋子里是没有笼子的。Cat cafes are well established in Japan, where there are also owl cafes and penguin bars. There, customers are typically people who need their cat fix, because many apartment buildings in Japan do not allow cats; few cafes serve as adoption centers.在日本,猫主题咖啡馆已经非常成熟,那里还有猫头鹰主题的咖啡馆和企鹅主题的酒吧。在那个国家里,光临猫主题咖啡馆的客人通常都是那些需要安抚自己爱猫之心的人,因为很多公寓楼里是不许养猫的;于是很少有咖啡馆会扮演收养中心的角色。In the ed States, there have been fitful efforts to establish similar businesses in various cities, but health department rules against keeping animals in the same place where food is served have gotten in the way. Demand, however, is fairly obvious: A pop-up cat cafe in New York City, open for only a few days this year, drew an almost comically long line of customers and high level of attention online.在美国,已经不时有人在各地开发类似的业务,但是卫生部门规定,不得在为客人供应食品的地方饲养动物,这就对业务发展构成了阻碍。然而市场需求相当明显:纽约市新开的一家猫主题咖啡馆,今年才开张几天,客人就排成了令人瞠目结舌的长龙。在网上也获得了大量关注。So cat-loving entrepreneurs here have largely ditched the Japanese model in favor of a charitable one that separates the cats from the food and emphasizes adoption. Since Cat Town opened here in Oakland, cat cafes have sprung up in Denver and in Naples, Fla. On Monday, the first permanent cat cafe in Manhattan — Meow Parlour, at 46 Hester Street — opened, started by the owners of Macaron Parlour, a pair of Manhattan bakeries.因此,本土的爱猫创业人士基本上已经抛弃了日本模式,取而代之的是一个慈善经营模式,将猫和用餐区分离开来,并强调收养。自从猫镇咖啡馆在奥克兰开张后,猫主题咖啡馆就如雨后春笋般,出现在了丹佛和佛罗里达州的那不勒斯(Naples)。本周一(12月15日——译注),曼哈顿第一家永久性的猫主题咖啡馆在海斯特街(Hester Street)46号开张,名为“喵星人会客室”(Meow Parlour),创立者是曼哈顿一家烘焙店“马卡龙会客室”(Macaron Parlour)的店主夫妇。When word got out that Meow Parlour was coming, so many people signed up for appointments that the cafe’s website crashed. In 20 hours, 1,000 appointments were filled, said Christina Ha, a co-owner.当喵星人会客室即将开张的消息传开后,由于注册预约的人数太多,以至于咖啡馆的网站都崩溃了。作为所有者之一,克里斯蒂娜·哈(Christina Ha)说,在20个小时内,1000个预约名额就满了。More cat cafes are planned for San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. With the popularity of cat s and the emergence of individual cats as name-brand stars — if you have not heard of Lil Bub or Grumpy Cat, consult Google — the understudy to man’s best friend seems to be taking center stage.在旧金山、洛杉矶和西雅图,还有更多正在规划中的猫主题咖啡馆。随着猫视频的走红和明星猫的出现——如果你还没听说过Lil Bub或不爽猫(Grumpy Cat),请自行谷歌。这些替补“人类最好的朋友”的小家伙,似乎即将占据舞台的中央位置。“Suddenly, it’s O.K. to show off your cat,” Ms. Ha said. “You’re not a crazy cat lady anymore — you’re the owner of a great cat.”“突然之间,炫耀自己的猫咪已经变成无伤大雅的事情了,”哈说,“在别人眼里,你已经不再是个疯狂的爱猫女,而变成了萌猫主人。”While visitors may view a cat cafe as a sort of indoor playspace for cat-loving adults, the intent is serious. An estimated 1.4 million cats (and 1.2 million dogs) are euthanized annually, said Matt Bershadker, the president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of New York. Those numbers were much higher 10 years ago, he said. “Any innovative effort” to encourage adoption “is extremely important,” he said.虽然猫主题咖啡馆在客人眼里,或许是爱猫者的室内游乐场,但是它们的初衷是严肃的。位于纽约的美国防止虐待动物协会(American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)的会长马特·柏沙德克尔(Matt Bershadker)说,据估计,每年有140万只猫(及120万条)被安乐死。他指出,十年前的数字还要大得多。只要能鼓励收养,“任何具有创新性的努力都是至关重要的。”他说。Few animals thrive in shelters, with cats having an especially difficult time. Many become sick, and most do not show well, said Joan Schaffner, an expert on animal law and associate professor at George Washington University Law School.乔治华盛顿大学(George Washington University)法学院的动物法专家、副教授琼·夏弗纳(Joan Schaffner)说,很少有动物能在收容所里茁壮成长,猫在收容所的日子尤其艰难。很多猫都会生病,大多数看起来状况都不好。It used to be that animal shelters were located next to the town dump, said Rich Avanzino, the chief executive of Maddie’s Fund, a rescue group that has helped fund the Oakland cafe. Things have improved, he said, but, “most cats still are caged.”麦迪基金会(Maddie’s Fund)是一个救援机构,它帮助奥克兰的那家咖啡馆募集了资金。基金会的首席执行官里奇·阿万奇诺(Rich Avanzino)说,以前动物收容所的旁边就是镇里的垃圾场。他说,现在情况已经好转,但是,“大多数猫依然关在笼子里。”Mr. Avanzino continued, “That’s why Cat Town Cafe is such great idea — it takes them out of an ugly environment and puts them in an appealing situation where they can connect with lots of people who may adopt them.”阿万奇诺接着说,“正因为如此,开设猫镇咖啡馆的主意太伟大了——它可以让猫脱离恶劣的环境,享受优越的条件,同很多愿意收养它们的人建立联系。”Ann Dunn, a co-founder of Cat Town Cafe, runs a rescue organization that finds homes for cats. Her cafe houses older, shy cats that, if not adopted, likely would be killed at a shelter. Ms. Dunn used to work in public housing and became “obsessed with the problem” of unwanted cats. She posted adoption notices on Craigslist, found foster homes for cats and “dreamed of a cat sanctuary with a cafe.” she said. She decided, “If we said, ‘Come meet cats and adopt them,’ probably people wouldn’t come,” but coffee and pastries seemed like a low-pressure lure (and while the food is served away from the cats, people can bring it in when they enter the cat zone).猫镇咖啡馆的联合创始人安·邓恩(Ann Dunn),还经营着一家旨在为猫咪寻找住处的救援机构。她的咖啡馆里也收留了一些年纪较大、性格羞怯的猫。这些猫如果没被收养,很可能就会在收容所里被杀死。邓恩曾供职于公共住房机构,没人愿意收养的猫,变成了她的“心病”。她说自己曾在Craigslist网站上发布征集收养者的告示,为猫寻找寄养家庭,“梦想着以咖啡馆的形式开一家猫咪庇护所。”她得出结论,“如果我们说,‘过来看猫吧,你可以收养它们,’人们也许不会来,但是咖啡和糕点似乎是一个没什么压力的诱惑(虽然用餐区和猫活动区是分隔开的,但是人们进入猫活动区的时候,可以把食物带进去)。She met Adam Myatt, who produced feral cat calendars, using models from his Oakland neighborhood, and shared her obsession. They raised ,000 on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to get started. Making money has never been the issue; it is all about saving cats, they said.她结识了制作野猫日历的亚当·迈亚特(Adam Myatt)。日历模特都是他在奥克兰住的社区里找到的。两人在众筹网站Indiegogo上募集了4万美元,作为起步。他们说,赚钱从来就不是问题;最重要的是要拯救猫。One recent Saturday, a Swedish tourist came by Cat Town after riding San Francisco’s cable cars. Parents brought their children. Leslie White came with her inhaler, explaining, “I love cats, but I’m allergic to them.”最近的一个星期六,一名瑞典游客在乘坐了旧金山缆车后,路过猫镇咖啡馆。一般家长都会带孩子进来,而莱斯利·怀特(Leslie White)则带上了她的雾化吸入器,她解释说:“我喜欢猫,但我对它们过敏。”“If I have a maternal urge,” Ms. White said, snuggling, if momentarily, with a seated cat, “it’s not toward humans, it’s toward cats.”“如果说我有母性冲动,”怀特说着,做了个依偎的动作,仿佛那一时刻,她的旁边有一只坐着的猫,“那不是对人的,而是对猫的。”Cat Town has a liberal return policy. A few people who had been providing foster homes decided the cats “were not a good fit,” Ms. Dunn said, and returned them. But that is the exception, and Mr. Myatt predicted that within a year, the cafe will have placed 300 cats in homes. It charges a adoption fee for one cat and for two, and cats with medical issues are free.猫镇咖啡馆实行宽松的“退货”政策。邓恩表示,有些人家收养了猫之后,觉得它“不太适合住在他们家里”,就把猫送了回来。但是,这种情况只是个例。迈亚特预测,在一年之内,咖啡馆就能帮300只猫找到安家之所。客人领养一只猫,咖啡馆收费50美元(约合人民币310元);领养两只猫,收费75美元(约合人民币465元);如果领养的猫患有疾病,则免费。Ms. Dunn serves as matchmaker. She listened to Robert McCafferty, a retired computer teacher, who said he needed a companion for Rudy, as in Rudolph Valentino, his old cat. (It was not clear who had the greater need for the additional cat, Rudy or his owner.)邓恩扮演的是媒人的角色。有一次,她接待了退休计算机教师罗伯特·麦卡弗蒂(Robert McCafferty)。麦卡弗蒂说,他需要给自家的老猫鲁迪(Rudy)找个伴。鲁迪得名于电影明星鲁道夫·瓦伦蒂诺(Rudolph Valentino)。(我们也不知道究竟是谁更需要再找一只猫,是鲁迪还是他的主人。)Ms. Dunn introduced Mr. McCafferty to Winston, a white cat with black splotches who plays well with others.邓恩给麦卡弗蒂介绍了温斯顿(Winston)——一只很好相处的黑斑白猫。“I like the companionship — it’s unconditional love,” Mr. McCafferty said as he glanced approvingly at Winston, curled in the tuna can bed. Mr. McCafferty was smitten, if not by the name then by the cat. He eagerly filled out adoption papers and borrowed a cat carrier from Cat Town, then he and his wife took Winston home.“我喜欢这个伴侣——这是无条件的爱。”麦卡弗蒂说着,赞许地看了一眼温斯顿,他正蜷缩在那张形如金鱼罐头的床上。麦卡弗蒂被迷住了,如果迷住他的不是猫的名字,那就是猫咪本身了。他热切地填好收养文件,从猫镇咖啡馆借了运输笼,然后和妻子将温斯顿带回了家。 /201412/351193

  Bad Day at Work糟糕的上班日A man joined a big multinational company as a trainee.有一名男子加入一家大型跨国。公司接受训练。On his first day at work,he dialed the pantry and shouted into the phone,在他上班的第一天,他拨电话到餐饮室,并且,对着电话大声喊!;Get me a coffee quickly!;“ 快点给我送杯咖啡过来!”The voice from the other side responded,电话另外-端的声音却响应说:;You fool you have dialed the wrong extension!Do you know who you are talking to,dumbo?;“你这个笨蛋,你拨错分机了!蠢蛋,你知道你在跟谁说话吗?”这名受训的人回答说,;No,;replied the trainee.“不知道。”The man shouted back immediately,这名男子立刻大声吼回去:;And do you know who you are talking to,you fool?;“你这个笨蛋,你知道你在跟谁说话吗?…总经理回答:;No,replied the General Manager.“不知道。”这名受训 的人周答说:;Good !;,replied the trainee and then put down the phone!“很好!”,然后就把电话给挂了。 /201504/368415。


  There is nothing as romantic as two lovers sharing a kiss。恋人之间相互接吻是一件多么美妙浪漫的事情啊。But scientists have come up with an evolutionary explanation which perhaps threatens to kill the passion。但是科学家们最近根据进化理论做的一项研究结果可能会让接吻听起来没有那么浪漫了。Academics think that kissing helps partners share bacteria, shoring up their immune systems and enabling them to better fight disease。科学家们发现接吻有助于双方分享细菌,增强免疫力,并能够帮助双方更好地抵御疾病。As many as 80 million bacteria are transferred during a ten-second kiss, according to Dutch biologists。荷兰的生物学家称,仅仅接吻10秒钟就能传播8000万个细菌给对方。Humans carry trillions of bacteria in the body, which together make up a ‘microbiota’ – a complex mix of bugs which play a crucial role in digesting food and warding off infections。其实我们每个人体内都携带有数以万计的细菌,这些细菌组合在一起就形成了“菌群”,这些“菌群”在消化系统和免疫系统中发挥着至关重要的作用。Remco Kort, from the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - or TNO - said his team set out to discover the evolutionary reason for kissing。荷兰应用科学研究组织的雷姆科·科尔特和他的团队已经开始从进化论方面探索接吻的原因。After testing 21 couples, they think kissing helps form a shared microbiota, a similar mix of bacteria living in the body。在对21对情侣进行测试以后,科尔特他们发现接吻有助于双方在各自体内形成一个共同的“菌群”。He said: ‘Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be a courtship behaviour unique to humans and is common in over 90 per cent of known cultures。他说:“包括舌头接触和唾液交换的亲密接吻似乎是人类独有的一种求爱行为,接吻在目前所知的90%的文化中都很常见。”‘Interestingly, the current explanations for the function of intimate kissing in humans include an important role for the microbiota present in the oral cavity, although to our knowledge, the exact effects of intimate kissing on the oral microbiota have never been studied。“有趣的是,目前的研究发现人类的亲密接吻对口腔中的微生物有重要作用,而就我们目前所知,还没有人研究过接吻对口腔微生物群的确切影响。”‘We wanted to find out the extent to which partners share their oral microbiota, and it turns out, the more a couple kiss, the more similar they are.’“因此,我们想研究情侣间口腔微生物群的相似程度,事实明,情侣间接吻越多,他们的菌群越相似。”The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal Microbiome, found that couples who share nine intimate kisses a day had a very similar microbiota, meaning they would be better prepared to deal with similar infections and digest similar food。发表在《微生物》杂志上的该项研究结果指出,每天热吻9次的情侣间存在非常相似的微生物群,这意味着他们能更好地应对相同感染、消化相同的食物等。Scientists have long warned that modern obsession with hygiene and cleanliness has driven a boom in allergies and health problems。科学家们一直警告称,现代人的过度“洁癖”正是导致过敏等诸多健康问题的主要原因。According to the ‘hygiene hypothesis’, increasing prevalence of allergies such as asthma are caused because we are not exposed to enough germs in our daily life。根据“卫生假说”理论,现代人之所以哮喘等过敏疾病高发,都是因为我们在日常生活中与细菌接触不够。Professor Graham Rook, an immunologist at University College London, has gone so far as to say that picking food off the floor, buying a dog and regularly kissing your relatives are some of the best ways to ward off allergies。伦敦大学的免疫学家格雷厄姆·鲁克教授甚至表示,想要避免过敏,可以把掉到地上的食物捡起来照吃不误、或者可以养、经常跟伴侣接吻等。Speaking at Cheltenham Science Festival earlier this year, he advised that when a baby spits out its dummy, a mother should lick it clean and put it back in the infant’s mouth。在今年年初举行的切尔滕纳姆科学节上,鲁克教授还建议,当婴儿吐出奶嘴后,母亲应该舔干净并直接塞回婴儿嘴里。He said the problem is that the modern body is at a ‘constant state of alert’ because it is not used to living with germs。他称因为现代人的身体不适应和细菌共存,所以一直处于高度戒备状态。‘When the immune system is not needed it should get turned off completely,’ he said。“当人体不需要免疫系统的时候,它就应该完全关闭。”‘What happens these days is that often it is on a constant state of alert and it is not turned off completely。“但现在,我们的身体经常处于戒备状态,免疫系统从没休息过。”‘It will do something completely pointless like attacking grass pollen wafting past in the breeze, or attacking the neighbour’s cat when it happens to walk past, then you are going to have allergic problems.’“因此,它就会做出一些毫无意义的防卫,比如攻击风中的花粉,或者攻击碰巧走过的邻居家的猫,这样就导致了过敏问题。” /201507/385610Eight Dishes for the Eight Immortals鹤庆-八大碗 Eight Dishes for the Eight Immortals, consisting of seven meat dishes and one vegetable dish, are often served at celebrations in Heqing. As the name suggests, the dishes are connected with the Eight Immortals .在我国民间,每逢喜事节日宴宾会客。最是讲究用八仙桌上八大碗,七荤一素。而八仙桌与八大碗的由来,传说与蓬莱八仙有关。Legend has it that when the Eight Immortals went across the East Sea, they accidentally offended the Dragon King , also known as the God of Rain. Being furious, he launched the war which lasted for hours. Since both sides could not win the battle, they, starved plus exhausted, decided to cease fight to search for food. Unfortunately, there seemed no chance finding food around the boundless sea. Disappointed, all of the immortals except Royal Uncle Cao decided to head home.相传八仙过海时无意惹怒龙王,东海龙王便与之交战起来。因两边实力相当而久战难胜,劳累疲惫,退踞海滩稍憩,颇觉腹中空空,饥饿难忍,便分头寻食充饥,哪知一眼望去的海滩薄地,荒无人烟。除曹国舅一人未回,其余个个扫兴而归。It turned out that Royal Uncle Cao traveled a great distance to the inland to search for food. When arriving at Heqing, he was fascinated by the pleasant flavor floating from a local house where mortal people were celebrating the 50th birthday of the host. Disguised as a farmer, he gazed around and found the inviting dishes were served one after another to the table seating eight. “Being the brother-in-law of the emperor, I have tasted all the splendid dishes in the imperial court, but I have never tried farm food. I must have a good taste of it. ” He murmured. But before doing so, it occurred to him that it was unfriendly to enjoy the dishes alone while other immortals were starved. Therefore, he decided to bring seven dishes for them. In addition, he suddenly realized that the only Goddess in the group, Immortal Woman He, was a vegetarian, so he took another dish just for her. Before leaving, he left a message to the locals: Royal Uncle Cao had borrowed eight dishes for the Eight Immortals and promised to pay back in the near future. Since then, in order to have an auspicious year, people in Heqing began to name the table “the table for Eight Immortals”, which could seat eight people with eight dishes served.原来曹国舅一人不辞劳苦,远行至内地,忽闻一股奇香扑鼻,不觉垂涎三尺,立即寻香进入凡间一庄上,乔装农家村夫在庄主宅院窥视,只见四方桌上八人围座、诱人的菜肴一个接一个地上。国舅寻思道:我原乃朝廷国舅,宫廷菜肴我享用得发腻,农家菜肴我未曾见过,何不先让我大饱口福,忽想众仙友腹空我岂可独享,继而采带了七样菜肴,又想起仙姑不食荤,所以又为其独带了—素菜,计八大碗并留言:国舅为众仙借菜八碗,日后定当图报。 /201506/378354

  Accessories of Dragon Boat Festial端午佩饰1 Healthy Man健人In Jiangsu and Zhejiang area women will wear decorations called ‘healthy man’ on Dragon Boat Festival. Generally made with gold and silver wire or copper foil shape as a person who rides a tiger , also with a bell, bell, tassel and garlic, dumplings, etc. Wear in women#39;s bun, also used to feed.江浙一带端五时妇女的一种饰物。一般用金银丝或铜丝金箔做成,形状为小人骑虎,亦有另加钟、铃、缨及蒜、粽子等的。插在妇女发髻,也用以馈送。2 Damselfly豆娘Female’s headdress decorated on the Dragon Boat festival. Especially in the area of Jiangnan. Also known as the ‘healthy man’ in some regions.端五节妇女的头饰。多见于江南。一些地区亦称作健人。3 Tiger艾虎Tiger is an exorcism precious thing on the Dragon Boat Festival, and for decoration. In ancient of China tiger is known as god beast, common thought that can ward off bad luck, bless peace端午节驱邪辟祟之物,也作装饰品。我国古代视虎为神兽,俗以为可以镇祟辟邪、保佑安宁4 Draw the forehead画额Drawing with realgar on forehead on the Dragon Boat Festival can ward off the vermin. The typical method is to draw the forehead, with realgar wine in pediatric forehead painting ;king; word with realgar to avoid poison, and two tigers will ward off evil.端午节以雄黄涂抹小儿额头的习俗,可驱避毒虫。典型的方法是画额,用雄黄酒在小儿额头画“王”字,一借雄黄以驱毒,二借猛虎镇邪。5 Long strand长命缕During the Dragon Boat Festival with five colors’ knot rope, or hung on the door , or wear around children#39;s neck, or children#39;s arm, or hang in the place such as bed nets, cradle, to avoid disaster, bless peace, prolong life.在端午节以五色丝结而成索,或悬于门首,或戴小儿项颈,或系小儿手臂,或挂于床帐、摇篮等处,俗谓可避灾除病、保佑安康、益寿延年。6 Wearing Perfume Sachet戴香包In order to prevent illness, the elderly usually like to wear the plum blossom, chrysanthemum, lotus, etc. These flowers mean all the best, conjugal love and family harmony.老年人为了防病健身,一般喜欢戴梅花、菊花、荷花等。象征着鸟语花香,万事如意,夫妻恩爱,家庭和睦。 /201506/381349



  The U.S. government will publish sweeping new rules on Tuesday requiring chain restaurants and large vending machine operators to disclose calorie counts on s to make people more aware of the risks of obesity posed by fatty, sugary foods.美国政府于25日出台一项食品行业新规定,要求连锁餐馆和大型自动售货机商家在菜单中标明食物所含的卡路里,以提醒人们高脂高糖食物会带来肥胖的风险。;Obesity is a national epidemic that affects millions of Americans,; Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Margaret Hamburg told reporters on a conference call on Monday.“肥胖已成为一项全国通病,影响了数百万美国人,”美国国家食品和药物(Food and Drug Administration)专员玛格利特·汉伯格(Margaret Hamburg)在24日的电话会议上告诉记者。;Strikingly, Americans eat and drink about a third of their calories away from home.;“美国人摄入的卡路里中有约三分之一来自于在外就餐,这很令人惊讶。”The FDA#39;s new rules, which are part of the 2010 Affordable Care Act, set a national standard for restaurant chains with 20 or more outlets.食品和药物出台的这项新规定是2010年美国平价医疗法案(Affordable Care Act)的一部分,适用于全美范围内拥有20家及以上连锁店的餐厅。Under the rules, calories must be displayed on all s and boards. Other nutritional information - including calories from fat, cholesterol, sugars and protein - must be made available in writing upon request.它规定所有的菜单和菜单板上必须标明卡路里数。其他营养成分的信息如脂肪、胆固醇、糖类和蛋白质所含的卡路里信息,如有要求,也必须能够以书面形式提供。The new calorie rule covers meals at sit-down restaurants, take-out food, bakery items, ice cream from an ice-cream store and pizza, which will be labeled by the slice and whole pie. Seasonal items, such as a Thanksgiving dinner, daily specials and standard condiments will be exempt.餐馆内就餐、外卖、面包店内、冰淇淋店内的食物都必须遵循这一规则,比萨也会按每片或整张标记卡路里;但这一规则不包括时令性菜单如感恩节晚餐、每日特卖和标准调味品。The final rule, unlike a 2011 proposal, includes movie theaters, amusement parks and alcoholic beverages served in restaurants, but not drinks mixed or served at a bar.最终版本与2011年提案有所不同,它包含了电影院、游乐园内的食物和餐厅提供的酒精饮料,但不包括调制饮品和酒吧提供的饮品。Restaurants have one year and vending machine operators have two years to comply with the new rules following publication in the Federal Register.联邦公报公布后,餐厅的调整期限为一年,而售卖机为两年。Panera B Co in 2010 became the first company to voluntarily display calorie information at all its cafes nationwide. Others, including McDonald#39;s Corp and Starbucks Corp, followed suit.2010年帕尼罗面包连锁餐厅(Panera B Co)成为第一家自愿在全国范围内的咖啡馆里标明卡路里的公司。其他公司像麦当劳和星巴克也效仿了这一做法。The agency said it amended its proposals after considering more than 1,100 comments from industry, public health advocates and consumers.管理机构称,食品行业、公共卫生倡议者和消费者对此提案提出了一千一百多条建议,他们在考虑过这些提议之后进行了修订。It narrowed the scope to clearly focus on restaurant-type food. Still, there are nuances: Foods such as deli meat bought at a grocery store counter will be excluded. But the rules will apply to food eaten in grocery stores, such as meals purchased at in-house cafes.它缩小了针对的食品范围,仅限于餐厅类食物。但这一概念本身也有细微差别:不包含像是在杂货店柜台买的熟食这一类食物。但在杂货店里吃的食物,如在咖啡馆里买了在店里吃就需要遵循这项规则。Hamburg acknowledged that calorie counts for pizza slices and many other foods made on the premises will vary. Restaurants may draw on databases, cookbooks and food package labels to calculate calories.汉伯格承认不同店里披萨片和其他食物所标注的卡路里会有所不同。餐厅可以根据数据库、食谱和食物包装上的标签来计算卡路里。The restaurant industry has supported a national standard for years and welcomed the changes.餐厅行业多年来持这一规则成为全国标准,并欢迎这一变化。;We believe that the Food and Drug Administration has positively addressed the areas of greatest concern,; said Dawn Sweeney, chief executive of the National Restaurant Association, which represents 990,000 restaurant and food-service outlets.美国国家餐馆协会(the National Restaurant Association)代表了99万家餐厅和食品专卖店。其首席执行官道恩·斯威尼(Dawn Sweeney)说,“我们相信国家食品和药物已经积极地处理了这一广受关注的问题”。Not all industry groups were satisfied.并不是所有行业都满意这一规则。;We are disappointed that the FDA#185;s final rules will capture grocery stores, and impose such a large and costly regulatory burden on our members,; said Peter Larkin, president and CEO of the National Grocers Association.美国食品杂货商协会(the National Grocers Association)主席兼任首席执行官彼得·拉金(Peter Larkin)说,“国家食品和药物出台的这项规则的最终版本将包括杂货店,会给我们的成员施加沉重的规则负担和经济压力”。National Automatic Merchandising Association, representing the food and refreshment vending industry, said it will ;reserve judgment; on the impact on the industry, but said that two years was insufficient ;implementation time;, especially for small businesses.美国自动售货协会(National Automatic Merchandising Association)作为食品和甜点售卖行业的代表,表示对这个规则所带来的影响持“保留”态度,但称两年不足以让企业尤其是小企业适应这一规则。The rules aim to close a gap in the 1990 Nutrition Labeling and Education Act, which established nutrition labeling on most foods, but not restaurant or other y-to-eat foods.1990颁布的《营养标识和教育法》(Nutrition Labeling and Education Act)规定大多数食物必须标明营养成分,但没包含餐厅和其他即食食物。这项规则旨在对此进行改善。Katie Bengston, Panera#39;s nutrition manager, said labeling has not affected its business: ;We did not notice a jump in sales from higher calorie items to lower calorie items.;帕奈拉冷饮西餐厅(Panera)营养经理凯蒂·本斯顿(Katie Bengston)则表示在菜单上标明卡路里这一变化对生意没有影响,“我们没有看到高卡路里食物销售额猛降和低卡路里食物销量猛增”。 /201412/346027


  She attained fame overnight, almost rudely. But then she is no ordinary poet, for she has been serving the three muses of poetry, Calliope, Euterpe and Erato, for 16 years.她一夜成名,以近乎疯狂的方式席卷各大媒体。而她并不仅仅是一位普通的诗人,她创作诗歌已有十六年之久。(注:文中缪斯女神卡利俄佩,欧忒尔佩和厄剌托出自希腊神话,分别掌管史诗,音乐和爱情诗)Yu Xiuhua is a farmer and all of 39 years old. She lives in Zhongxiang of Central China`s Hubei province, and has been called by the media as the ;poetess with cerebral palsy (a condition characterized by movement problems);. Yu broke through social media WeChat recently after Poetry magazine twitted her poem, Crossing Big China to Sleep With you.余秀华是一位三十九岁的农民,住在湖北省钟祥市,被媒体称为“脑瘫(主要症状为行动困难)的女诗人”。在《诗刊》微信公众号推送了她的诗《穿越大半个中国去睡你》之后,余秀华在微信圈一夜成名。Many media outlets have talked about her and her poems but their approach has been somewhat complicated. They have indeed praised her poems saying they carry real feelings and the power to move hearts. But, unwittingly or otherwise, their focus seems to be on her physical and social conditions, with one media outlet describing her as ;a countrywoman who composes poems;.诸多媒体对她和她的诗都议论纷纷,但他们报道的角度却多少有些复杂。他们称赞她的诗确有真情、直击人心;但有意无意间,他们的注意力似乎都集中在她的身体状况和社会境遇上,比如,就有媒体称她为“写诗的村妇”。The woman described by some media outlets as ;China`s Emily Dickinson;, the famous American poet, dropped out of senior high school, has lived the life of a farmer since and does suffer from cerebral palsy.也有媒体将她比作“中国的艾米莉#8226;迪金森”(著名的美国女诗人)。余秀华在高中时辍学,此后一直过着农民的生活,并遭受脑瘫之苦。But none of her physical traits, or the lack of them, have anything to do with her ability to compose poems. In the world of poetry, the only things that matter are words, and the feelings and meanings they carry. And her poem, Crossing Big China to Sleep With You, conveys that feeling, full as it is with passion: ;Across China, all is happening: volcanoes are erupting, rivers are running dry...I pressed nights into a dawn to sleep with you, I gathered all I am to sleep with you;.但她的身体状况,或者说身体缺陷与她作诗的才能并无关联。在诗歌的世界中,唯一重要的就是文字,以及它所表达的情感和意义。而她的诗《穿越大半个中国去睡你》,确确实实饱含:“火山在喷,河流在枯……我是把无数的黑夜摁进一个黎明去睡你,我是无数个我奔跑成一个我去睡你。”That she became famous overnight mainly because of media hype, rather than on the basis of her works, is a reflection of the times we live in. By using offensive epithets such as ;poetess with cerebral palsy; or ;countrywoman who composes poems;, media outlets have succeeded in catching the eyes of ers and viewers.她的一夜成名主要源自媒体炒作,而非作品本身,而这正是我们所处时代的一个缩影。为了吸引观众、读者们的眼球,媒体不惜使用一些无礼的绰号,比如称她为 “脑瘫女诗人”或是“写诗的农村妇女”。Yet the irony is, without the media offensive, Yu Xiuhua the poet and her works would have remained unknown to ordinary ers. Media reports contrasting Yu`s physical disability with her creative mind have moved, even inspired, many people.讽刺地是,如果没有媒体的大肆报道,普通读者也许根本不会知道余秀华和她的作品。媒体报道中她的身体缺陷与才华所呈现出来的强烈反差,却也因此感动了很多人,甚至激励了很多人。True, John Milton overcame his blindness at 43 to be acclaimed as a great English poet and W.B. Yeats, despite his undiagnosed learning disorder, reached the wuthering heights of poetry. But they were different people living in different times. Today, a poet needs more than the medium of poetry to be heard by ers, which speaks volumes about the state of the arts, poetry included, in contemporary society.诚然,约翰#8226;弥尔顿在四十三岁时克失明之痛并被誉为英国的伟大诗人,叶芝深受病因不明的阅读障碍症之苦,但还是攀上了诗歌的巅峰,但是他们生活在不同的时代,有着不同的个人情况。当今时代,诗人不能单凭诗歌来吸引读者,而这种局面充分反映了当代包括诗歌在内的艺术的生存状态。The 1980s are regarded as the golden age of modern poetry in China, when many poets enchanted ers with their excellent creations. But the fact Yu`s works have touched many people`s hearts today is proof of her poetic power. As literature professor and poet Zang Di has said in an interview, she uses her language as her body. Perhaps the sincerity and purity of thought expressed in Yu`s poems, which today`s society seems devoid of, have drawn ers to her poems.上个世纪80年代被认为是中国现代诗歌的黄金时代,许多诗人的优秀作品使读者们如痴如醉。余秀华的诗歌打动了无数人,这就是她诗歌中力量的最好明。正如北京大学中文系教授、诗人臧棣在采访中所说,她把语言直接当成了身体。或许,正是余秀华诗歌中真诚而纯粹的思想表达为她赢得了读者,而这种真诚和纯粹正是当今社会所缺乏的。The last word, in this regard, rests with John Keats, ;Beauty is truth, truth beauty,; - that is all: Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know. If the combination of truth and beauty which Yu seems to represent rekindles people`s passion for poetry, media hype or not, so be it.最后,让我们以约翰#8226;济慈的诗做结:“美即是真,真即是美”,那就是你们所知,和你们该知的一切。如果余秀华的诗歌中所代表的真与美的结合可以唤醒人们对于诗歌的热情,那么这到底是不是媒体炒作,又有什么关系呢! /201501/356829

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