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;Thank you Grandfather Stone,; said Crow. ;I will make sure the stories are not forgotten.;One day while shopping in a small town in southern California, it was my misfortune to be approached by a clerk whose personality clashed with mine. He seemed most unfriendly and not at all concerned about my intended purchase. I bought nothing, and marched angrily out of the store. My antagonism对抗,敌意 toward that clerk and the entire establishment mounted with each step.

;This world is sufficient for me,; said the husband, throwinghis arm round his beautiful, sweet-tempered wife. He sat by her sideon the open balcony, smoking a cigarette in the cool air, which wasloaded with the sweet scent of carnations and orange blossoms.Sounds of music and the clatter of castanets came from the roadbeneath, the stars shone above then, and two eyes full of affection-those of his wife- looked upon him with the expression of undyinglove. ;Such a moment,; he said, ;makes it worth while to be born, todie, and to be annihilated!; He smiled- the young wife raised her handin gentle reproof, and the shadow passed away from her mind, andthey were happy- quite happy.

While my mother and daughter play Monopoly, I busy myself making a salad.妈妈和女儿在玩强手棋,我则忙着做沙拉。

  The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage

    When she wanted to mount her horse again, the one that was called Falada, the chambermaid said, ;I belong on Falada. You belong on my nag,; and the princess had to accept it.。

  NOW you shall hear a story that somebody's great-great-grandmother told a little girl ever so many years ago:1

  ;Ah!; cried his wife; ;and canst thou thyself have the heart to take thy children out along with thee on purpose to lose them?;Well, Mrs. Katrinka didn't know what to say. She didn't make the sculptures to sell. She made the sculptures because it's hard to hide all the bits of a 60 foot crane in your trash.The Rhinoceros was very angry about losing his good looks. That's why you have to be very careful near them, even today.

  ;Oh, we're going very high; squeaked a mouse.;It was an automobile accident when I was twelve,; Amy explained. ;I was readingto my younger brother in the back seat and suddenly my mother screamed and tried frantically6 to miss the truck that had pulled out in front of us. When I woke up in the hospital, my mother was screaming again outside the door. This time she was trying to escape the fact that I would never walk again.;

  But almost two years ago, Cocoa did something that defies comprehension. Was it a miracle or a coincidence? It is certainly a mystery.

  Tai has also taught courses at the American University, Parson's School of Design, the Pratt Institute and the Revere Academy. She currently teaches jewelry design and rendering at the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Pratt Institute.。

  ;See what a braggart you are,; said the fox. ;You throw your hatchet(短柄小斧) so far that you cannot get it back again.;

  ;Come on, lady! You gotta get back up on the horse that threw ya!; some man shouted.

  one to go across the shoulders, and hang down to the waist, and at last a wreath to wear round the head, so that they looked

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