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大家好,欢迎来到脑筋转转转,我是Magi上期留给大家的问题为:Why do people never feel hungry on a beach?为什么在沙滩上的人永远不会觉得饿?下面给大家揭晓:Because of the sand which is there.因为那儿有沙子the sand which is there 音似the sandwiches there(那儿有三明治)词汇:feel v.感觉;觉得Can you feel the tension in this room?你能觉察出这房间里的紧张气氛吗?Take a deep breath, and you will feel relaxed.深深地吸一口气,那样你会觉得轻松的词组:feel after 摸索,探寻feel a draft 感到受冷落feel the pinch 感到经济拮据feel out the situation 摸清情况feel at home 感到习惯〔舒、自在〕下面给出今天的脑筋急转弯:What kind of cats are good mice?用什么样的猫对付老鼠好?下期将为你揭晓,谢谢你的收听,我们下期节目见!Jack the Giant Slayer is a American fantasy adventure film based on the fairy tales, ;Jack the Giant Killer; and ;Jack and the Beanstalk;. The film stars Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor. The film tells the story of Jack, a young farmhand who must rescue a princess from a race of giants after accidentally opening a gateway to their world. The official Warner Bros. site says: ;Unleashed on the Earth the first time in centuries, the giants strive to reclaim the land they once lost, cing the young man, Jack (Nicholas Hoult), into the battle of his life to stop them.…He comes face to face with the unstoppable warriors he thought only existed in legend… and gets the chance to become a legend himself.;巨人捕手杰克是一部上映于年的美国科幻探险电影,电影是根据童话故事《杰克与豆蔓和《巨人杀手杰克改编而成主演尼古拉斯·霍尔特,伊万·麦克格雷格电影讲述了农民杰克的故事,他必须从巨人的手中夺回公主,在这之前杰克无意中打开了进入巨人世界的通道华纳兄弟官网中称:“长达几个世纪的放逐之后,这些巨人第一次重回大地,他们誓要夺回失去的领土,而杰克也被迫加入到了阻止巨人的队伍之中他与战无不胜的战神面对面,他原以为这些人只出现在传奇之中,他也有机会成为一个创奇”Jack the Giant Slayer has received a mixed response from film critics. The film received a 53% approval rating on the review website, Rotten Tomatoes, which wrote: ;It enthusiastically acted and reasonably fun,but Jack the Giant Slayer is also overwhelmed by its digital effects and a story so middle-of-the-road as to be a bit bland and impersonal.; Conversely, Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times said, ;Jack the Giant Slayer is a rousing, original and thoroughly entertaining adventure.; The film didnt bring in as much cash as expected at the box office. The Hollywood Reporter estimated that the film was on track to lose between million and Brain Transplant脑移植A patient needed a brain transplant and the doctor told the family, ;Brains are very expensive, and you will have to pay the costs yourselves.;一个病人需要进行脑移植,医生对他的家属说:“脑器官是很贵的,而且是自费的”;Well, how much does a brain cost?; asked the relatives.“那么,一个大脑到底要多少钱呢?”病人家属问道; a male brain, 0,000. a female brain, Diving With Dolphins第单元 和海豚一起潜水Dan Dolphin Diving offered the best dolphin-spotting tours in all of Hawaii. That what the ad in the local newspaper said. Michelle called Dan and booked a trip two the following day. Michelle and John were on their honeymoon and they were looking a little adventure while they stayed in Maui. What could be better than swimming with dolphins?丹的海豚潜水团所安排的海豚主题旅行是全夏威夷最棒的—当地报纸如此写道,于是蜜雪儿打给丹预订了隔天的双人旅游蜜雪儿和约翰正在度蜜月,想要在茂伊岛度假期间来点小小的冒险还有什么比和海豚一起游泳更棒的事吗?Dan helped Michelle with her wetsuit, and then helped her into the water. John followed suit. It wasnt long bee they saw two dolphins. They were playing. From the boat, Dan threw out some fish and the dolphins came closer.丹帮蜜雪儿穿上保温潜水,再帮她潜入水中;约翰也跟着穿上潜水他们没多久就看到两只海豚在玩耍丹从船上丢一些食物下来让海豚游近一点Michelle reached out her hand and gently touched the fin of one of the dolphins. It was soft and slippery. It felt a little like velvet. John took a picture with his underwater camera. The two dolphins squawked at each other. They weretalking, Michelle thought to herself.蜜雪儿伸出她的手,轻柔地触摸着其中一只海豚的鳍;海豚的鳍摸起来又软又滑,感觉有点像天鹅绒约翰则用他那台水中照相机拍照这两只海豚互相嘎嘎地叫着,蜜雪儿心想它们应该是在交谈She watched them swim around the boat. They were as graceful as dancers. Michelle wanted to swim away with them. But Dan tours only lasted four hours. It was time to go. Michelle thanked the dolphins making her honeymoon special.她看着它们在船边游来游去,动作就像舞者一样优雅蜜雪儿很想和它们一起到处游,可是丹安排的旅行只有四小时,时间也差不多到了蜜雪儿感谢海豚给了她一个特别的蜜月旅行 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译上海交通大学出版社出版 9,000,; replied the doctor.“男人的大脑50万美元,女人的要万,”医生答道All the male relatives nodded because they thought they understood.病人所有的男性亲属都故作理解地点点头But the patient daughter was unsatisfied and asked, ;Why the difference in price between male brains and female brains?但是病人的女儿并不满意,问道:“男人大脑的价格和女人的为什么差这么多?”;Standard pricing practice,; said the doctor.“这是标准的价格规范,”医生说;Men brains cost more, they are brand-new and women brains have to be marked down because theyre actually been used.;“男人的大脑贵是因为它们是全新的,而女人的大脑要价低,是因为它们确实是使用过的二手货” 79696 million.影评人对巨人捕手杰克的褒贬不一在烂番茄影评网中,它得到了53%的好评,网站写道:“演员活灵活现,生动有趣,但是由于电影过分依赖特效,导致故事过于平庸,单调”相反,芝加哥太阳日报的理查德·罗普德认为巨人捕手杰克是一部充满刺激惊险的影片,让人兴趣盎然”电影在票房成绩上并不尽如人意好莱坞记者报预测这部影片将会损失1亿500万美金到1亿000万美金译文属原创,,不得转载 6Amazing pig单元 惊人的猪A reporter hear about an amazing pig and goes out to the farm in Arkansas to get the story. He finds the farmer near teh barn and asks him if the rumors about his pig are ture.一名记者听闻有条惊人的猪,便前往阿肯色州农场一探究竟他在谷仓附近找到养猪的农夫,问他关于猪的谣言是否属实;Yep,;says the farmer.;The pig started squealing real loud when the house was on fire. He woke us all up and so we all got to safety. otherwise we might have been killed. That some pig.;“没错”农夫说:“房子失火时,那条猪尖叫得好大声,我们全部被它吵醒才幸免于难,不然大概全部葬身火窟了真是条了不起的猪”;And didnt the pig save your boy from drowning?;asked the reporter.“那条猪是不是也救了你差点淹死的小孩?”记者问道;Yep, he raced right into the pond and pulled my little boy by his shirt collar. Saved his life.; the farmer says, wipping a tear from his eye.“没错他冲进水池,叼着我小孩的衬衫衣领把他拉出来救了他一命”农夫一边说,一边揩着眼角流下的泪水;Wow, Id like to see this pig,; the reporter says.“哇,真想看看这条猪”记者说;Well,come on over here.;“可以啊,请这边走”The farmer leads the reporter over to a nearby pen. There in the mud the reporter sees a pig with a wooden leg.农夫带着记者来到附近的一个畜栏,记者在一堆泥浆里看到一条装着木腿的猪;Why does he have a wooden leg?;“为什么它装了木腿?”The farmer replies,;Well, you dont eat a pig like that all at once.;农夫回答:“这个嘛,这种猪你不会马上一次把它吃光的” 1859



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