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长沙/市第一医院治疗阳痿早泄星沙华夏医院有哪些专家Technology companies and advertisers are putting pressure on carmakers to pass on data collected by connected cars, BMW has warned, highlighting the concerns the automotive industry faces as it ts a fine line between performance and privacy.宝马(BMW)警告说,高科技企业和广告商正在向汽车制造商施加压力,要让他们交出通过互联汽车收集的数据。这种局面凸显出汽车业正面临有关保护隐私的担忧,它们不得不在用户体验和隐私权之间仔细权衡。Ian Robertson, the German manufacturer’s board member for sales and marketing, said that every car rolling off its production lines had a wireless network that could yield information about location, speed, acceleration and even the occupants of the car.宝马公司主管营销的董事会成员伊恩#8226;罗伯逊(Ian Robertson)表示,每辆走下该公司产品线的汽车都装有无线网络,可以生成关于该车位置、速度、加速度、甚至车上乘客的信息。“There’s plenty of people out there saying: ‘give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’,” he told the Financial Times on the sidelines of the Detroit motor show, adding that this included “Silicon Valley” companies, as well as advertising groups. “And we’re saying: ‘No thank you’.”在底特律车展会场外,他告诉英国《金融时报》:“很多人都在跟我们说:‘把你们获取的数据都交给我们,我们能告诉你我们能用它做什么。’”他补充说,这么说的企业不仅包括广告公司,还包括那些“硅谷”公司。“对此,我们的回答是:‘不用了,谢谢。’”About two-thirds of today’s new cars have sensors and communications systems that send and receive data, offering potential for carmakers to find out more about how drivers use their vehicles. But the systems could also provide insurers and advertisers with personal information about customers.如今,大约三分之二的新车拥有能发送和接收数据的传感器和通信系统,从而令汽车制造商有可能更多地了解司机的用车方式。不过,这样的系统同样能够向保险公司和广告商提供客户的个人信息。BMW said it had a firewall in place to protect crucial data about the internal running of the car. But any transmission of data raises concerns about who might access that information — and what they might do with it.宝马表示,该公司设置了防火墙,以保护那些有关汽车内部运转的关键数据。不过,只要存在数据传输,就会有人担心谁可能访问这些信息,他们会对这些信息做什么。Adam Jonas, analyst at Morgan Stanley, said it was a “major issue” for carmakers, which “ unanimously want to create a barrier on this information”. He said: “They don’t want to be the first one to let [their] guard down on information privacy or to become the first company to have a car hacked with bad consequences and image.”根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)分析师亚当#8226;乔纳斯(Adam Jonas)表示,这对汽车制造商来说是个“大问题”,他们“无一例外地想在这些信息上设置壁垒”。他说:“他们不想成为第一个降低隐私保护标准的公司,也不想成为第一家因为其汽车被黑客攻破而导致不良后果和流出非法照片的公司。”Ford was forced into an embarrassing retraction at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas after Jim Farley, then head of marketing at the US carmaker, said: “We know everyone who breaks the law. We know exactly when you do it because we have a GPS sensor in your car.” He added: “By the way, we don’t supply that data to anyone.”在去年的消费电子展(Consumer Electronics Show)上,福特(Ford)曾因其营销主管的一句话而不得不十分尴尬地予以澄清。当时,时任该公司营销主管的吉姆#8226;法利(Jim Farley)说:“我们知道每个违反交通法规的人。我们会在你违法的那一刻知道此事,因为我们在你的车里装了GPS接收装置。”他补充说:“顺便说一下,我们不会把数据交给任何人。”Mr Farley later clarified that the company did not track anyone without their permission.后来,法利曾澄清说,福特不会未经许可跟踪任何人的状况。The scale of the data collected by modern vehicles goes beyond how fast or far cars have driven. In an illustration of the potential data that could be surrendered by carmakers, Mr Robertson said that BMW cars knew whether a child was on board, based on weight sensors in the seats linked to the airbag system.当代汽车收集的数据已不限于汽车的速度和开出的距离。为了向人们展示汽车制造商可能泄露的数据,罗伯逊表示,在宝马汽车的座椅上,安装着一个连接至安全气囊系统的的重力感应器,这个感应器令该车能知道车上是否坐着儿童。“Several companies have said: ‘We’d like to know that data because then we will know whether it’s an adult or a child sitting in the car’,” said Mr Robertson.罗伯逊表示:“有几家企业曾表示:‘我们很想获得这些数据,因为那样我们就能知道坐车的是成人还是儿童了。’”He said that advertisers also wanted to know how long the engine has been running so that they could tell “from the navigation system, they’re about to pass a McDonald’s, the car’s been running for three hours and the child’s probably hungry”.他还说广告商还想知道引擎已运转的时间,从而令他们“能够从导航系统了解到,这辆车正要经过一家麦当劳(McDonald#39;s),而车已跑了三个小时,车上的孩子可能饿了。” /201501/354717长沙/星沙市做无痛人流最好的医院 星沙八医院泌尿专科医院地址

长沙/华夏医院不孕History is filled with great, enduring love stories, from Napoleon and Josephine to Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson.Here are some of history’s most consequential trysts:历史上写满了精,隽永的爱情故事。从拿破仑与约瑟芬的故事到爱德华王子与华里丝-辛普森的故事。下面这些故事都曾对历史进程产生重大影响:1. Mary Godwin amp; Percy Bysshe Shelley 戈德温-玛丽与珀西-比希-雪莱One of the great unions of literary history began in 1814, when the 16-year-old Mary Godwin and the dreamy, but very married, 21-year-old romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley met in secret at the grave of Mary’s famous suffragette mother, Mary Wollstonecraft. There, as Mary later recounted, the two touched each other with the “full ardour of love,” an ardor that would eventually leave the aspiring writer pregnant and Shelley estranged from his wife。这段恋情堪称文学史最伟大的结合之一:故事始于1814年,16岁的玛丽-戈德温与那位耽于幻想、却已然成婚的21岁浪漫主义诗人雪莱在玛丽母亲的墓前秘密相会了。玛丽的母亲玛丽-沃斯通克拉夫特是当时著名的妇女参政权论者。在那里,据玛丽之后回忆,两个“怀着满心爱恋”的人儿有了肌肤之亲。这份爱恋最终让这位有抱负的女作家怀了,而雪莱与妻子的关系日益疏远。The 了Fallout: The lovers were married a few years later after Shelley’s pregnant wife drowned herself in Hyde Park, but their tumultuous partnership ended when the poet drowned a few years later. Still, it would produce some literary masterpieces, including Mary’s classic Frankenstein, which she conceived while on holiday in Switzerland with Shelley and Lord Byron in 1816.结局:雪莱的妻子怀着身在海德公园投水自尽。数年之后,雪莱和玛丽这对情人结婚了。可是,这段多舛的爱情故事最终的结局却是——几年后,诗人溺死水中。不过,这段爱情还是启发他们创作了许多文学佳作,比如玛丽的《弗兰克斯坦》,她构思这篇小说的时间正是1816年,她与雪莱、拜伦伯爵在瑞典度假的时候。2. Catherine the Great amp; Grigory Potemkin 叶卡捷琳娜女皇与格里高利-波将军Every great empress needs a counselor, military strategist, soul mate and boy toy, or, in the case of Grigory Potemkin, one man capable of wearing all of those hats. Catherine the Great first encountered the dashing Potemkin when the young commander (10 years her junior) helped the 33-year-old overthrow her disappointing husband, Czar Peter III,in 1762.每位伟大的女皇都会需要一名顾问,一位军事谋士,一个灵魂伴侣,加上一个男宠。而格里高利-波将军一人担当了这所有的角色。1762年他们第一次相遇了——当时33岁的皇后在这位勇猛的将领(比她年轻10岁)的帮助下,颠覆了她那位不成气候的皇夫,沙皇彼得三世。The Fallout: The coupling produced a powerful political alliance for decades. Yet even as Potemkin’s role at court expanded, he grew more marginalized in Catherine’s bedroom, increasingly relegated to the third wheel of a ménage à trois or consigned to the role of pimp, acquiring younger male specimens for one of the most powerful women in history。结局:这对佳偶在数十年间组成了一对强势的政治联盟。可是,随着波将军在政坛上势力的扩张,他在叶卡捷琳娜女皇卧室里的地位却越来越被边缘化,越来越变成“三角家庭(ménage à trois)里的第三者,甚至被委任为拉皮条者,为这位历史上最有权力的女人搜集更年轻的男子。3. Charles Dickens amp; Nelly Ternan 查尔斯-狄更斯与娜莉-特南Even literary giants are not immune to the midlife crisis. By 1857, the 45-year-old Victorian novelist was at the height of his powers, a literary superstar — who was also married with nine children and living, by all appearances, a virtuous family life. Then he began an adulterous affair with Ellen “Nelly” Ternan, a gifted young actress in his employ who was just a year older than his 17-year-old daughter。即使是文学巨擘也无可避免的会感染上中年危机症。在1857年,那位45岁维多利亚时代的伟大小说家成为了文学界的超级巨星,正处于事业的巅峰时期——已婚,有9个子女,过着父慈子孝的幸福生活,至少从表面上看是如此。这时,他却与一位受雇于自己的年轻女演员开始了一段婚外情,这位颇具天赋的年轻女演员名叫艾伦·“娜莉”-特南,比他17岁的女儿仅年长一岁。The Fallout: The affair proved the best and worst of times for the writer. Dickens’s marriage fell apart, but his 13-year relationship with Nelly continued until his death, though his tireless (and successful) efforts to keep his double life a secret may have hastened his demise. Nelly is believed to have inspired the dark secrets characteristic of his later novels and several of their characters, including Estella in Great Expectations。结局:这段恋情最终成为作家一生中“最好的时代,同时也是最糟糕的时代”(《双城记》)。尽管狄更斯不遗余力的为自己的婚外情生活保守秘密(并且成功做到了),但最终他的婚姻崩塌了,不过他与娜莉的爱情关系却持续了13年,直至他去世。人们相信,狄更斯后期作品中黑暗神秘的风格特征正是诗人受到娜莉影响的结果,同时娜莉还启发狄更斯创造了许多文学形象,包括《远大前程》中的伊思黛拉。4. Henry VIII amp; Anne Boleyn 亨利八氏与安-波琳This historic pairing, portrayed in countless films, books and television shows, has long captured the public imagination, though the precise details of the courtship remain fuzzy。这对具有历史影响的佳偶曾在电影、书籍和电视剧中被无数次描绘,长久吸引着世人的想象,可是,他们关系的真实细节却一直扑朔迷离。The Fallout: Henry’s attempt to legitimize his marriage to Anne would famously lead to England’s break from the Roman Catholic Church, while Anne’s brief stint as Henry’s second queen would lead to the birth of the future Elizabeth I and Anne’s ultimate beheading。结局:亨利力图使自己与安的婚姻合法化,众所周知,正因为此才导致了英国与罗马天主教教廷的决裂。而正因有了安作为亨利第二任皇后的短暂生涯,才有了后来伊丽莎白女王一世的诞生,也才有了安最终的被送上断头台的命运。5. Elizabeth Taylor amp; Richard Burton 伊莉莎白-泰勒与理查德-波顿It seems fitting that the famous Hollywood duo met while playing another famously doomed couple in Cleopatra (1963). Both Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were married to others at the time but the attraction was epic and a ferocious affair ensued。这对人儿是在饰演电影《克里奥佩特拉》(1963)中另一对(和他俩一样)命中注定的恋人时相遇的,这似乎再合适不过了。当时伊丽莎白-泰勒和理查德-波顿都已经结婚,可是他们却被彼此吸引,由此展开一段史诗般的、热烈的恋情。The Fallout: The couple’s 10-year “marriage of the century” became the closest thing to reality television in the 1960s, a constant magnet for gossip and hordes of paparazzi. They would divorce in 1974, remarry the following year and divorce again shortly after that。结局:这对恋人维系了十年的“世纪婚姻”成为了20世纪60年代最贴近真人秀的爱情故事,它像磁铁一样不断吸引着流言蜚语和无数的八卦新闻。他们在1974年离婚,又在一年之后复婚,但不久又再次分开了。 /201508/393319长沙/市中心医院联系电话 Apple is ying its long-awaited assault on the living room, with plans to launch a new online television service later this year.苹果(Apple)正准备进军到消费者的客厅,计划在今年晚些时候推出新的网络电视务。对于这一务,消费者已经期待已久。After striking a deal with HBO to bring its on-demand app to Apple TV next month and cutting the price of its set-top box from to , Apple is now in advanced talks with US broadcasters including Fox and A to launch a subscription streaming service, according to people close to the negotiations.知情人士称,苹果已经与HBO达成协议,下月将其点播应用添加至Apple TV,并将其机顶盒售价从99美元下调至69美元,目前,苹果正与包括福克斯(Fox)和美国广播公司(A)在内的美国广播公司进行进一步谈判,以推出一项流媒体订阅务。Talk of an “over the top” Apple TV service — which avoids traditional cable or satellite distribution in favour of streaming live over the internet for viewing via iPhone, iPad or TV box — has lingered for years, fuelling speculation that the iPhone maker might release its own TV set.有关“网络电视(OTT)”Apple TV务的传言已有多年,这令人们猜测,这家iPhone制造商可能会发布自己的电视机。Apple TV摈弃传统有线电视或卫星电视务,更加倾向于用户通过iPhone、iPad或机顶盒观看在互联网发布的直播视频。However, while Apple is now seen as unlikely to add another screen to its family of devices, last week’s price cut may suggest that a revamped version of its set-top box is imminent.尽管外界认为,苹果现在不太可能增加新的设备,但上周苹果机顶盒降价可能暗示,苹果即将改进其机顶盒务。For many years, the cheap Apple TV box — originally launched alongside the iPhone in 2007 — was described by Apple executives as a ;hobby;.多年来,苹果高管一直将廉价的苹果电视机顶盒(最初与iPhone于2007年推出)视为一项“爱好”。Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, said at an event last week that Apple TV had sold 25m units, up from 20m a year ago, making it small contributor to the company’s vast revenue.苹果首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)在上周的一次活动中表示,Apple TV销量为2500万台,高于一年前的2000万台,对该公司的巨额收入贡献较小。Today’s Apple TV box offers an array of channels, from the well-known such as Netflix, YouTube, CN and Sky News to more niche content such as Crunchyroll, which shows Japanese animation.如今的Apple TV机顶盒提供很多频道,从Netflix、YouTube、美国消费者新闻与商业频道(CN)以及Sky News等知名频道到播放日本动画片的Crunchyroll等较为小众的频道。Some channels, including HBO, Watch A and Fox Now, are available only if customers also have a separate cable subscription. All have struck individual deals with the company’s media team for placement on Apple TV.包括HBO、Watch A、Fox Now在内的一些频道只有在消费者另外付有线电视订阅费时才可收看。这些频道都已单独与苹果媒体团队签约,将其添加至Apple TV。Blazing a trail for an expanded Apple TV service are Dish Networks’ Sling TV, which streams live TV to customers without a cable subscription for a month, and Sony’s forthcoming PlayStation Vue, a similar internet-TV service tied to its games consoles. Both have negotiated streaming deals for “cord cutters” with most of the biggest US networks.率先推出超越Apple TV务的公司是Dish Networks的Sling TV和索尼(Sony)即将推出的PlayStation Vue。前者向客户提供直播电视节目,客户不必付有线电视费,月费为20美元,后者是一款类似的网络电视务,与其游戏机捆绑。两家公司都已与多数美国最大网络签订流媒体协议。One holdout in Apple’s negotiations is said to be Comcast, but a person close to the situation said that failing to secure rights from its N Universal subsidiary would be unlikely to prevent a launch in the coming months, just as Apple’s iTunes has grown its catalogue over the years.据悉苹果的谈判仅在一家康卡斯特(Comcast)受阻,但一名知情人士表示,虽然苹果未能从康卡斯特子公司N环球(N Universal)获得内容播放权,但这不太可能阻止苹果在未来几个月推出新的务。 /201503/364779长沙/星沙哪家做人流医院最便宜

长沙/县人民医院有治疗前列腺炎吗The Earliest and Longest Man一made Canal一Jinghang Canal京杭大运河Jinghang Canal is called canal for short. It is known as the greatest chi-na ancient project with the Great Wall. Since being founded in 5th ten-tury,the canal has had two large-scale expeditions within Sui and Yuan two dynas-ties. Having the length of 1794 kilometers,15 times longer than Suez Canal and 32 times Panama Canal,Jinghang Canal is the main sea line combining the north and the south in our country.京杭大运河简称运河,与万里长城并列为中国古代最伟大的工程之一。始建于公元前5世纪,后经隋、元两次大规模扩建。全长1794千米,是苏伊士运河的16倍,巴拿马运河的33倍,是中国重要的一条南北水上干线。The canal begins from Beijing and ends in Hang Zhou crossing Tianjing,He-bei,Shangdong,Jiangshu and Zhejiang,linking not only Haihe River,the Yellow River but also Huaihe River and Yangtze River. So it is the second prime channel only following Yangtze River in China.它北起北京,南至杭州,经过北京、天津、河北、山东、江苏、浙江六省市,沟通了海河、黄河、淮河、长江、钱塘江五大水系,是中国仅次于长江的第二条“黄金水道”。Though the canal cannot be wholly open to navigation currently,its seasonal navigation length has reached 1100 kilometers,mainly distributed in the south of Huanghe River. It reduces the burden of railway goods transportation,especially for the short and middle distance transportation of coal and building material,mak-certain difference in promoting the district economic and enforcing the north-communication. The canal continues to play an important role in ocean ship-目前,大运河虽不能全程通航,但季节性通航里程已达1100千米,主要分布在黄河以南的山东、江苏和浙江三省。对分担铁路的货流,特别是承担煤炭、建材等的中短途运输任务,对发展地区经济,加强南北交流,起到了一定的作用。今天,大运河将继续发挥其重要的作用。The whole course of the Great Canal covers seven sections:the one from the city zone of Beijing to Tongxian County is called the Tonghui River, from Tonpxian County to Tianjin called the North Canal,from Tianjin to Linqing called the South Ca-nal,from Linqing to Tairzhuang called the Lu Canal,from Tairzhuang to Huaiyin called the Central Canal,from Huaiyin to Yangzhou called the Inner Canal,and across the Yangtze River the one from Zhenjiang to Hangzhou called the Jiangnan Canal.京杭大运河是由人工河道和部分河流、湖泊共同组成的,全程可分为七段:(1)通惠河:北京市区至通县(今北京通州区);(2)北运河:通县至人津市;(3)南运河:天津至临清;(4)鲁运河:临清至台儿庄;(5)中运河:台儿庄至清江;(6)里运河:清江至扬州,人长江;(7)江南运河:镇江至杭州。 /201512/410685 There might be a ninth planet in the solar system after all, and it is not Pluto.太阳系或许还是拥有第九颗行星,不是冥王星。Two astronomers reported on Wednesday that they had compelling signs of something bigger and farther away — something that would satisfy the current definition of a planet, where Pluto falls short.两名天文学家于周三通报,他们发现了令人信的迹象,表明存在一颗更大、更遥远的天体——该星体将满足目前对行星的定义,而冥王星则不符合。“We are pretty sure there’s one out there,” said Michael E. Brown, a professor of planetary astronomy at the California Institute of Technology.“我们相当确定有那么一颗行星,”加州理工学院(California Institute of Technology)的行星天文学教授迈克尔·E·布朗(Michael E. Brown)说。What Dr. Brown and a fellow Caltech professor, Konstantin Batygin, have not done is actually find that planet, so it would be premature to start revising mnemonics of the planets.布朗士和他的同事康斯坦丁·巴蒂金(Konstantin Batygin)尚未真正找到那颗行星,所以现在修改行星名单还为时过早。In a paper published in The Astronomical Journal, Dr. Brown and Dr. Batygin lay out a detailed circumstantial argument for the planet’s existence in what astronomers have observed — a half-dozen small bodies in distant elliptical orbits.布朗和巴蒂金在《天文学杂志》(The Astronomical Journal)上联合发表了一篇论文,提出详细的旁,认为天文学家们观测到的现象——在遥远的椭圆轨道上运行的六个小天体——明了这颗行星的存在。What is striking, the scientists said, is that the orbits of all six loop outward in the same quadrant of the solar system and are tilted at about the same angle. The odds of that happening by chance are about 1 in 14,000, Dr. Batygin said.这两位科学家称,一个突出的现象是,这六个天体的轨道全部位于太阳系的同一象限内,并且倾斜角度大致一样。巴蒂金表示,这种情况纯属巧合的概率大约是1.4万分之一。A ninth planet could be gravitationally herding them into these orbits.可能有第九颗行星通过引力将这些天体拉入这样的轨道。For the calculations to work, the planet would be at least an equal to Earth, and most likely much bigger — perhaps a mini-Neptune with a mass about 10 times that of Earth. That would be 4,500 times the mass of Pluto.要想理论成立,这颗行星至少要和地球尺寸相当,很可能要大得多——大概相当于一颗小海王星,质量是地球的10倍、冥王星的4500倍。Pluto, at its most distant, is 4.6 billion miles from the sun. The potential ninth planet, at its closest, would be about 20 billion miles away; at its farthest, it could be 100 billion miles away. One trip around the sun would take 10,000 to 20,000 years.冥王星运行到远日点时,距离太阳46亿英里。这颗有望成为第九大行星的天体距离太阳最近时是200亿英里,最远时可能是1000亿英里。绕行太阳一周需要1万到2万年。“We have pretty good constraints on its orbit,” Dr. Brown said. “What we don’t know is where it is in its orbit, which is too bad.”“我们对它的轨道参数有了不少了解,”布朗说。“我们尚不知道的是它在轨道上的位置,这太糟糕了。”Alessandro Morbidelli of the d’Azur Observatory in France, an expert in dynamics of the solar system, said he was convinced. “I think the chase is now on to find this planet,” he said.法国蔚蓝海岸天文台( d’Azur Observatory)的太阳系动力学专家亚历山德罗·莫比德利(Alessandro Morbidelli)觉得可信。“我认为现在的目标是找到这颗行星,”他说。This would be the second time that Dr. Brown has upended the map of the solar system. In January 2005, he discovered a Pluto-size object, now known as Eris, in the Kuiper belt, the ring of icy debris beyond Neptune.如若实,这将是布朗第二次颠覆太阳系的图谱。2005年1月,他发现了一颗大小相当于冥王星的天体,位于海王星以外的充满冰结碎块的柯伊伯带(Kuiper Belt)。它如今命名为阋神星(Eris)。The next year, the International Astronomical Union placed Pluto in a new category, “dwarf planet,” because in its view, a full-fledged planet must be the gravitational bully of its orbit, and Pluto was not.第二年,国际天文学联合会(International Astronomical Union)就把冥王星归入名为“矮行星”的一个新类别,因为在该学会看来,一颗名副其实的行星必须能够清空轨道上的其他天体,而冥王星做不到这一点。The first indication of a hidden planet beyond Pluto had come a couple of years earlier. The Kuiper belt extends outward from Neptune’s orbit, about 2.8 billion miles from the sun, to a bit less than twice Neptune’s orbit, about five billion miles.在此之前两年,科学家就首次发现了冥王星以外可能存在隐藏行星的迹象。柯伊伯带从海王星的轨道向外延伸,一直到接近海王星轨道两倍的地方,也就是分布在距离太阳约28亿英里到50亿英里处。Astronomers expected that beyond lay mostly empty space.天文学家认为,那以外应当几乎空无一物。Thus they were surprised when Dr. Brown and two colleagues spotted a 600-mile-wide icy world at a distance of eight billion miles that remained well outside the Kuiper belt even at the closest point in its orbit.所以,当布朗和他的两名同事在80亿英里远的地方发现了一片直径600英里的冰雪世界时,科学家们颇为意外。就连该天体运行轨道的近日点也在柯伊伯带以外。No one could convincingly explain how the object, which Dr. Brown named Sedna, got there, and the hope was that the discovery of more Sedna-like worlds would provide enlightening clues.布朗把它命名为赛德娜(Sedna)。没有人能够对这颗天体为何出现在那里作出令人信的解释。科学家希望,将来发现更多的类似天体,从而提供能带来启发的线索。Instead, astronomers looked and found nothing, deepening the mystery.但事与愿违,天文学家的搜寻一无所获,让此事变得更加扑朔迷离。Finally, in 2014, Chadwick Trujillo, who had worked with Dr. Brown on the Sedna discovery, and Scott S. Sheppard, an astronomer at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, reported a smaller object in a Sedna-like orbit, always remaining beyond the Kuiper belt.最后,2014年,曾和布朗共同发现赛德娜的查德威克·特鲁希略(Chadwick Trujillo)与位于华盛顿的卡内基科学研究所(Carnegie Institution for Science)的天文学家斯科特·S·谢泼德(Scott S. Sheppard)通报,发现了一颗较小的天体有着与赛德娜类似的轨道,一直运行在柯伊伯带以外。Dr. Trujillo and Dr. Sheppard noted that several Kuiper belt objects had similar orbital characteristics, and they laid out the possibility of a planet disturbing the orbits of these objects. “It was the best explanation we could come up with,” Dr. Trujillo said.特鲁希略和谢泼德注意到,柯伊伯带的几个天体有类似的轨道特征。他们提出了一种假设:有可能存在一颗行星,正是它影响了这些天体的轨道。“这是我们能想到的最佳解释了,”特鲁希略士说。But the particulars of their proposed planet did not explain what was in the sky, Dr. Brown said.不过,布朗称,他们提出的这颗行星的参数却无法解释太空中的现象。“The theorists didn’t really take it seriously,” he said. “They figured it was all some observational effect. The observers didn’t take it seriously, because they figured it was all some theoretical thing they couldn’t understand.”“理论领域的学者没当回事,”他说。“他们认为这都是某种观测效应。观测领域的学者也没当回事,因为他们认为这都是他们无法理解的某种理论。”Still, the peculiarities of the orbits appeared genuine.然而,它们轨道的特殊性看来是真实的。Dr. Brown said he and Dr. Batygin “sat down and beat our heads against the wall for the last two years.”布朗表示,他和巴蒂金“过去两年坐在那里,想破了脑袋。”First, they focused on the six objects in stable orbits and disregarded others that had been recently flung out by Neptune.他们开始把重点放在处于稳定轨道的六个小型星体上,不再考虑近期被海王星抛出的其他天体。That made the picture clearer.局面豁然开朗。“They all point into the same overall direction,” Dr. Batygin said. “This is in stark contrast with the rest of the Kuiper belt.”“他们都指向大致一样的方向,”巴蒂金说。“这和柯伊伯带的其他天体截然不同。”Besides the long odds of this alignment being coincidental, Dr. Batygin said, this pattern would disperse over time.且不说这种一致性纯属巧合的几率有多小,巴蒂金表示,这样的运行模式也本应随时间的流逝而消散。That argued for the force of some unseen body guiding Sedna and the others.他们认为,这是未曾发现的星体在吸引赛德娜和其他天体。Dr. Batygin, a theorist, tried placing a planet among them, which scattered some Kuiper belt objects, but the orbits were not sufficiently eccentric.作为理论天文学家,巴蒂金试图将一颗行星安放其中。这打散了柯伊伯带中的不少天体,但形成的椭圆轨道的离心率依然不够大。Then he examined what would happen if a ninth planet were looping outward in the opposite direction. That, Dr. Batygin said, gave “a beautiful match to the real data.”随后,他假设有第九大行星在相反方向向外绕行。巴蒂金表示,结果呈现出“与真实数据完美的匹配”。The computer simulations showed that the planet swept up the Kuiper belt objects and placed them only temporarily in the elliptical orbits. Come back in half a billion years, Dr. Brown said, and Sedna will be back in the Kuiper belt, while other Kuiper belt objects will have been pushed into elliptical orbits.计算机模拟显示,该行星将柯伊伯带的天体全部重新洗牌,只是暂时被安置在椭圆形轨道中。巴蒂金表示,五亿年后赛德娜会回到柯伊伯带,而其他天体也会被推入椭圆形轨道中。Another strange result in the simulations: A few Kuiper belt objects were knocked into orbits perpendicular to those of the planets. Dr. Brown remembered that five objects had been found in perpendicular orbits.模拟中另一奇怪的结果是:小部分柯伊伯带天体被撞向了与其他行星相垂直的轨道。根据巴蒂金回忆,在垂直轨道中发现了五个天体。“They’re exactly where we predicted them to be,” he said. “That’s when my jaw hit my floor. I think this is actually right.”“它们完全处在我们预测的位置上,”他称,“我惊得下巴都掉地了。我认为这应该是对的。”Dr. Morbidelli said a possible ninth planet could be the core of a gas giant that started forming during the infancy of the solar system; a close pass to Jupiter could have ejected it. Back then, the sun resided in a dense cluster of stars, and the gravitational jostling could have prevented the planet from escaping to interstellar space.莫比德利表示,可能存在的第九大行星,也许是一个气态巨行星的核心,自太阳系初期就开始形成;可能当它经过木星时被引力抛远了。当时的太阳处在密集的恒星群中,而引力的推挤可能阻止了这颗行星逃到星际空间。“I think they’re onto something real,” he said. “I would bet money. I would bet 10,000 bucks.”“我觉得他们这样下去有戏,”他说,“我敢打赌。我赌一万块。”Dr. Brown said he began searching for the planet a year ago, and he thought he would be able to find it within five years. Other astronomers will most likely also scan that swath of the night sky.巴蒂金称,他早在一年前就开始寻找这颗行星,他认为自己可以在五年内找到它。其他天文学家很有可能也会去搜索那一片夜空。If the planet exists, it would easily meet the definition of planet, Dr. Brown said.他说如果这颗行星真的存在,它应该能轻易吻合对行星的定义。“There are some truly dominant bodies in the solar system and they are pushing around everything else,” Dr. Brown said. “This is what we mean when we say planet.”“在太阳系有一些格外显要的星体,它们会肆意摆布其他一切天体,”巴蒂金说,“这就是我们说的‘行星’的意思。” /201601/424080长沙/星沙男性尿道炎的危害星沙县人民男子在哪里



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