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(Tennis ball sounds)Y: Hi, this is Yang Chen.P: And Im Patrick. And today we are playing a game of tennis.Y: (calling out) Okay, Patrick It your serve!P: To serve S-E-R-V-E is to put the tennis ball in play by throwing it up into the air and hitting it with a racquet.Y: Oh, come on, Patrick. Would you quit talking and serve the ball?P: OK. Here I go! (thwok, thwok) Good return, Yang Chen! (Thwok─funny out sound).Y: Hey, Patrick, that ball was over the line. The ball was out, 你出界了我应该得一分So it is my point.P: That means the score is ;Love Fifteen;. Love me and fifteen you.Y: Love? L-O-V-E? 爱?这和爱有什么关系?What love got to do with it, Patrick? (Music─Tina Turner)P: Love in tennis scoring means ;Zero; And right now I have zero points.Y: You have love - 不是你有爱情,而是说你是零分, zero points, 可是我怎么会有分呢?P: Tennis scoring is very complicated, isnt it? To win a game a player must win four points and two more points than his opponent. The first point is called ;fifteen;.Y: 那么 the second point is called ;thirty;?P: That right. The second point is called ;thirty,; and the third point is called ...Y: ty-five?P: No, it is called ;ty.;Y: Why not ty-five?P: 传统上是这样 - it just the tradition now, as there were several historical reasons it decided by the French.Y: Okay, serve again, Patrick! (Thwok, Thwok).P: Oh no, I missed the ball!Y: I guess that makes the score ;love thirty;! But you have love!!! 19Can you find the solitary panda hiding among all these snowmen? Does it actually exist?你能在这堆雪人中找到潜伏着的那只熊猫吗?真的有熊猫吗?The festive game has proving to be a hit on Facebook where it has received more than 500,000 likes and over 70,000 shares in just a few days.短短几天内,这个有趣的游戏就在脸书(Facebook)上引起轰动,点赞数达50多万,转发次数超过7万,无疑是一大热帖Artist Gergely Dudás likes to create the images and other web comics in his spare time and posts them to his Dudolf blog.艺术家杰尔杰伊·杜达什喜欢在空闲的时候制作一些图片,或者画画网络漫画,然后把它们发布到其用户名为Dudolf的客上;Im not a professional, I do it as a hobby, but I really like it,; he explained.他解释道:“我并不是专业画家,画画只是我的业余爱好但我热衷于此”While some claim to have spotted the panda in a matter of seconds, others had a little bit more difficulty finding him.有人称自己只需几秒钟就能找到图中的熊猫,但对一些人来说这并不那么简单“Spotted it. It next to a snowman,” joked one user.一个用户开玩笑说:“我找到它了!它就站在某个雪人旁边”Nehanda Ferguson wrote: “Started to doubt if there ever was a panda. Dont give up, the panda exists. TRUST IN THE PANDA.”那汉达·弗格森写道:“当你开始怀疑图片中是否真有熊猫时,不要放弃,熊猫就在里面给熊猫一点信任”Another user, who gave up on the game, wrote: ;Someone be a little s--t and inbox me to spoil it, it been boggling my head all day.;有位用户已经不想再继续这个游戏了,他说:“某个混蛋把这张图发给我让我找出熊猫,结果它让我这一整天脑子都一片混乱”Speaking to the i0, Dudolf explained he ;still cant believe; how popular the panda picture has been on social media.Dudolf在客上谈及i0时表示,熊猫图片在社交媒体上如此受欢迎,他仍觉得“难以置信” 97A: I need some flowers my wife. It her birthday.我想买些话给我的妻子今天是她的生日B: Very well. We have some fresh red roses.很好这里有些新鲜的红玫瑰A: How much are the roses?玫瑰多少钱?B: $ per dozen.每打美元A: That sounds like a good deal.听上去价钱不错B: Yes, theyre on sale today.是的,今天减价A: Ill take a dozen.给我来一打B: Splendid. Will there be anything else?太棒了还有需要买其它的吗?A: No, the roses will be fine.不,只需要玫瑰B: Im sure your wife will love them.我保你的妻子会喜欢它们的

第一句:Is the flight on schedule?飞机会准时起飞吗?A: Excuse me. Is the flight on schedule?请问飞机会准时飞吗?B: Yes, Miss. The flight will depart on time in an hour.是的,飞机会在一个小时后准时起飞请到号登机口,祝您旅途愉快!第二句:Is the flight on time?飞机会准时起飞吗?A: Is the flight on time?飞机会准时起飞吗?B: Yes, sir. It will take off on time.是的,先生,飞机会准时起飞的类似的说法还有:Will this flight get to Los Angeles on time? Will this flight arrive in Los Angeles on time?这个航班会准时到达洛杉矶吗?Is the plane on schedule?飞机会准时起飞吗?有时航班因为天气等其他原因会延误飞机到达时间,登记之前可以向有关人员查询“准时”的英文表达法是:on schedule或on time 85

第一句:Hi, taxi! 嘿,出租车!A: Hi, taxi!嘿,出租车B: Where to, sir?先生,去哪儿?A: Please take me to the railway station.去火车站B: OK. Please hop in.好的,请上车第二句:Call me a taxi, please.请给我叫辆出租车A: Call me a taxi, please. Im Mr. Wang in Room .请给我叫辆出租车,我是房间的王先生B: All right, sir. Wait a moment.好的,先生,请稍等这是打车时最为简捷而又常用的一句话有时由于自己太忙而请人帮忙打车,这时你可以说:Call me a taxi, please. 请给我叫一辆出租车Hail a taxi, please. 请给我叫一辆出租车 18

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