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Everyone feels overwhelmed and stressed sometimes:每个人都会有感觉不堪重负、压力山大的时候:Maybe you have a family situation that needs extra time and attention;或许你目前的家庭状况需要你额外的时间和照顾;Maybe you have a particular co-worker that just somehow grates on your very last nerve;或许你有一个挑剔的同事莫名其妙地刺激你的每一个神经末梢;Maybe you are ill or some you love is ill;或许你生病了,或是你所爱的人生病了。So what can you do when you feel angry, overwhelmed and stressed about the things you really have little control over? I believe that if you add preventative stress management into your daily lifestyle you can more easily control how you handle your reaction to the stressful situations that crop up.所以,当你因那些你真的无法掌控的事情感到愤怒、不堪重负、有压力的时候,你能做些什么呢?我相信,如果你将预防性的压力管理加入日常生活中,你就能更容易地控制好应对突如其来的压力时的反应。Follow these simple steps to invite peace and harmony into your life:按照这些简单的步骤来做,你就能将平静与和谐带入生活当中:1.Exercise.1.运动。One way to work off stress and anxiety is to get moving. You can join a gym, work out in your bedroom or garage, or just take a walk. It#39;s a great way to get your endorphins going and feel happier. You can also try exercising together with your family. One of the benefits of exercising together is that you#39;ll all feel calmer afterward. When you#39;re all de-stressed together, you can help one another through issues.消除压力和焦虑的一种方法就是活动起来。你可以去健身房,也可以在你的卧室或车库锻炼,或者只是散散步。这是释放你的内啡肽、让你感到更加快乐的好方法。你也可以尝试与你的家人一起运动。一起运动的好处之一就是,运动过后你们都会感到十分平静。当你们一起减压了之后,你们可以互相帮助来解决各自的问题。2.Smile.2.微笑。Smiling and laughing is one of the best ways to instantly lighten your mood. A good joke with a friend, a good movie with your partner or just smiling at the sun shine.微笑和大笑都是立刻放松情绪的最佳方法。跟朋友分享个有趣的笑话,和伙伴看一场精的电影,或者只是在阳光照耀下展露你的微笑。3.Listen to music.3.听音乐。Music is one of the best ways to relax and de-stress, and it#39;s popular with people of all ages, income levels, and other factors. Pick the music you like; it#39;s usually more effective, though, when you choose something quiet. Listen to music that makes you feel rested and calm. Try several different musical styles – you#39;ll know when you#39;re listening to something that works for you. And once you#39;ve located it, you can listen whenever you need to for a calming break.音乐是放松和减压的最佳良方,并且深受各年龄段和收入水平的各种人们的喜爱。 挑选你喜欢的音乐,但是安静的音乐通常效果更好。听一听让你感到放松和平静的音乐。尝试几种不同的曲风,你就会知道听什么对你有效果。一旦你找到了适合自己的音乐,你就可以随时在需要安静休息的时候拿来听听了。4.Read.4.阅读。Reading is also a good way to de-stress. Choose a lighthearted book that#39;s comical, romantic, or otherwise makes you feel good. You can also a religious or spiritual book if you#39;re so inclined. Any book that gives a good, positive message about the world or the people in it can help you feel better and be more relaxed.阅读也是一个减压的好方法。选择让你心情愉悦的书,例如幽默的、浪漫的或者其他让你感觉很好的书。如果你很想,也可以读一本有关宗教或是心灵的书。任何一本描述这个世界美好、积极一面或者其中的人物有助于你感觉更好、更放松的书都可以。5.Visualization.5.想象。Picture an idyllic and peaceful scene, such as a meadow or a beach, and use all of your senses. Do you smell jasmine in the air? Can you hear the birds singing and feel the light breeze on your skin? Your body can#39;t tell the difference between a thought and a real event, so bring your peaceful scene to mind the next time you#39;re feeling anxious. You can visualize the stress flowing out of your body or running off your back like water. You can visualize growing roots, just like an old oak tree, you can feel the stress draining into the earth and being absorbed my mother nature.设想一个诗情画意般宁静的场景,例如牧场或沙滩,使用所有你所设想的场景。你闻到空中弥漫的茉莉花香了吗?你能听到鸟儿在歌唱、感受到清风拂面吗?你的身体不会分辨出是你的设想还是真实的场景,因此下一次你感到焦虑的时候可以想象那宁静的场景。你可以设想压力从你的身体排出或者像水一样从你的后背流出。你可以设想种植树苗(比如一颗古老的橡树),你可以感到压力被埋入土壤,被大自然所吸收。6.Be grateful.6.感恩。When you#39;re feeling stressed, try counting your blessings. Write them down in a gratitude journal. There is always something you can be thankful for… sometimes it is as simple as waking up. Think about all the things that are good in your life. When you focus on gratitude, you#39;ll also see more of the good in your life. When you think negatively, it#39;s easier to feel angry and stressed. Positive thinking, on the other hand, helps diffuse your anger and brings you more good things to feel good about!当你感到有压力时,试着去数数你的幸事。把它们写在感恩日志中。总有一些事情你可以去感谢……有时候感恩就像每天清晨需要醒来那么简单。想象你生活中所有美好的事情。当你专心去感恩的时候,你也会看到生活中更多美好的事情。如果你消极地去想,就更容易感到愤怒和有压力。另一方面,正面思考有助于疏散你的怒气,给你带来更多要去感受的美好事物!7.Breathe.7.呼吸。When you are caught up in those really strong emotions that come with stress and overwhelm, take a moment to take a few slow, deep breaths. This action has multiple benefits. When you breathe deeply, it sends extra oxygen to your brain for clarity of thought and relaxes your muscles. It also gives you a moment to take a mental step back and look at the bigger picture.如果你陷入了那些充满压力的强烈情绪中并感到不堪重负,花点时间做几个缓慢的深呼吸。这个动作有多重好处。深呼吸会将额外的氧气输送到你的大脑,让你思路清晰、放松肌肉。它也给你时间进行回想,再从长远考虑。 /201209/197943We all have difficult people in our lives. You know—the ones you d talking to; the ones you try to avoid at all costs. They may be your ex-spouse, a co-worker, or a family member; they may be a bully, a control freak, passive-aggressive or someone who loves to play the role of victim.人的一生中,难免会遇见一些很难打交道的人。你知道的,就是那种你竭尽所能想要避开的人。他们也许是你的前妻/夫、同事,亲戚,可能是专爱欺负别人的人、控制狂、消极对待者、或者受害妄想症资深患者。So, how do we deal with these people? How can we work together productively, whether in a parenting, a working, or a family relationship?那么,我们该如何跟这种人打交道呢?要怎样做,才能顺利地和他们共事、共同维护家庭、工作或保持良好的亲戚关系呢?Here are a few secrets to being able to keep your cool when dealing with that difficult person in your life:以下几个小秘密,能帮助你在面对这类人时保持淡定。1. Know Your Triggers1. 知道自己的底线Self-knowledge is powerful.自知之明是强大的武器。We all have subjects and idiosyncrasies that push our buttons, and I can almost guarantee that the difficult person in your life knows what those are—but do you? Spend some time exploring what really ticks you off. Is it when somebody talks about politics, money, or your family? Is it when your ex takes your kids to McDonald’s 3 days in a row?每个人都有自己的底线,它们会被特定的事物引爆。我可以确信地告诉你,那些你最讨厌的人,往往熟知你的底线在哪里。那么你呢?你知道吗?花点时间好好想想吧,找出那些容易让你暴躁的事物来。比如,是不是一旦有人谈论起政治、或金钱、或你的家庭,你就开始不爽?或者是不是一想起你的前任连着三天用麦当劳打发孩子,你就暴躁了?Once you have your list of those trigger buttons, you are y to arm yourself. Create a plan. What will you do when the conversation steers dangerously close to one of your buttons?一旦熟知自己的底线,那你就变得无坚不摧。列一个应对计划——比如,当谈话开始渐渐转移到你最讨厌的东西上时,该怎么应对?You can practice deep breathing, take a short time-out, walk away from the conversation, or any combination of the three. Whatever allows you to center yourself and regain your focus onthe purpose of the conversation will work.你可以试着深呼吸、或出门散散步、或直接起身,远离这个话题;或者你可以把这三件事一块儿做了。无论怎么应对,只要能让你把注意力转移回自己身上、并巩固你对该谈话的控制权的方法,就是好方法。2. The STOP Phrases2. 使用“停滞期”语句If you are having a conversation with a difficult person and you just want it to end, these phrases seem to do the trick (or at least take the wind out of the other person’s sails).假如你正在和一个难打交道的人聊天,而你非常想闭嘴走人。这个“停滞期”语句会很管用——至少它能把对方的气势灭到最低。“Sorry you feel that way.”“很抱歉让你有这样的感觉。”“That’s your opinion.”“好吧,这是你的看法。”“Oh.”“哦。”“Perhaps you’re right.”“或许你是对的。“If you just repeat these phrases over and over during the conversation, eventually the other person will give up trying to get you to join the argument.假如你不停重复这几句话,最终对方一定会放弃和你争吵的,哈哈。3. Resist the Temptation to get Sucked In3. 抑制住被卷入争执中的冲动Difficult people want to engage you: don’t fall for that trap. Listen to what you’re saying: are you trying to justify, argue, defend, or explain your position? If you are, stop. If you don’t, the conversation will just continue to go around in circles. You will never change the mind of a difficult person—otherwise you probably wouldn’t be seeing them as “difficult.”那些难打交道的人,最爱做的事就是让你卷入争执中。小心这个陷阱。听听此时自己的嘴巴在说些啥:是不是正在试图明某事、或争论、或辩解、或解释自己的处境?如果是,请立即停止。因为如果你不停下来的话,这个对话将永远在一个圆里绕啊绕,毫无结果。因为你是没有办法改变对方这类人的想法的。否则的话,你也不会给他们贴上 “难打交道”的标签了。4. The Big One4. 终极大杀器While the 3 secrets above can help you to avoid or get out of an uncomfortable conversation with a difficult person, there is one secret that can truly change your relationship with that person in your life: that secret is, that they are human, and are dealing with their own issues and their own crap that they’re bringing to the table.前三种方法能帮你避免、或逃离和这类人的谈话,而现在我们要说的,则是能彻底改变你和此类人关系的终极大杀器!这就是:无论如何,他们也是人,他们也有烦恼和弱点!Their difficult behaviors are benefiting them in some way that helps them deal with those issues, and most of the time their behavior has nothing to do with you.为了解决自己的问题,他们的言行从某种程度上来讲,与他们自身有益。而且,绝大多数时候,他们这样做,和你并没有多大关系。A person might feel more secure when they are bullying someone or controlling others, or they might feel a sense of importance when they’re getting a lot of attention—even negative attention. They might try to gain a sense of belonging by playing the victim and getting others to help them, or someone who’s inflicting hurt and provoking hostility might be trying to protect his own sense of identity.有的人在欺负、控制别人的时候,会因为获得关注(即使是负面关注)而觉得自己更重要、更有安全感。而有的人需要扮演被害者的角色,才能得到别人的帮助;有的人表面看上去既脆弱又带有敌意,不外乎是为了保全自己的存在感。If we take the time to figure out what unconscious beliefs may be behind someone’s difficult behavior, we may be able to change our interaction with them and improve our relationship. Once you figure out what may be driving their behavior, you can begin to try different ways to help them get their emotional needs met without resorting to that behavior any longer.假如我们能花点时间,去搞清楚那些难以理解的举止背后是由什么潜意识撑着的话,我们也许就能改变和这类人的关系。一旦搞定这一点,你就能巧妙地通过别的方式满足他们的情感需要,从而避免再度忍受他们不堪举止的折磨。The main idea here is to tap into your empathy pool and realize that the person you see as the bane of your existence is just another human being trying to get along as best they can.这一招的主要目的是:激发你的同情和理解,让你明白——这些存在于你生命中的“祸害”,其实也不过是个尽力想好好生活的人类罢了。A Final Thought最后的想法Yes, sometimes we have to disengage in order to save our sanity, but keep in mind that everybody is doing the best they can with the emotional tools they have at their disposal. It is possible to get past our reactions to their difficult behaviors so that we may be able to do our part in building a calmer, more productive relationship, and in the end, this is all we can truly control—our own reactions.的确,有时候为了拯救自己的理智,我们得学会放弃。但请记住,每个人其实都在尽己所能地生活着。抑制住对于那些讨厌举止的厌恶情感吧,这样的话,我们就能拥有更冷静、更有益的人际关系。总的来讲,其实最终我们真正能掌控的,是自己的情感。You never know—one day, you may actually look forward to seeing these people.谁知道呢,说不定某天你突然发现,自己还挺想念某个“特别难打交道”的人呢。 /201212/217109

  As the taxi came to a screeching halt at a traffic light, I asked the driver, ;Do you agree that #39;Time is money#39;?;当出租车在遇到红灯急刹车时,我问司机:“你同意‘时间就是金钱’这种说法吗?”;Well, it#39;s a very common saying. Who will care so much about that?; the driver answered.“哦,这是一个普遍说法。在这个问题上,谁会在意那么多呢?”司机回答说。  ;Look, the digits in the meter are still running when the car has stopped, ;I pointed at the meter.“看,在车已经停止的情况下,里程表上的数字还在跑。”我指着里程表说。 ;Oh, yes. You#39;ve got a point here. In this case, time is money for both of us.; added the driver.“哦,是的。你说的挺有道理的。在这种情况下,时间对我们俩来说都是金钱。”司机补充说。


  天枰座——The Count of Monte Cristo《基督山伯爵》这部书主要描写的是人性黑暗的一面,而天平们通常对人性的黑暗不是很了解,这本书可以充分的了解一下世间的可怕。相同关键词:人性The Count of Monte Cristo is an adventure novel by Alexandre Dumas, père. The story takes place in France, Italy, islands in the Mediterranean and the Levant during the historical events of 1815–1838. The historical setting is a fundamental element of the book. It is primarily concerned with themes of hope, justice, vengeance, mercy, forgiveness and death, and is told in the style of an adventure story.《基督山伯爵》是法国著名通俗历史小说大仲马(1802-1870)的代表作。法老大副堂泰斯船长委托,为拿破仑党人送了一封信,遭到两个卑鄙小人和法官的陷害,被打死牢。狱友法里亚神甫向他传授各种知识,并在临终前把埋于基督山岛上的一批宝藏秘密告诉了他。堂泰斯越狱后找到了宝藏,成为巨富。从此名基督山伯爵,经过精心策划,报答了恩人,惩罚了仇人。本充满浪漫的传奇色,章章奇特新颖,引人入胜。 /201208/196780

  Dentist: Please stop howling. I haven#39;t even touched your tooth yet.牙医:请不要再叫了,我都还没有挨着你的牙齿啊!Patient: I know. But you are standing on my foot!病人:但是,亲,你可知道,你踩到我脚了!!! /201307/248946

  President Barack Obama gets photographed, well, a lot. So it’s a good thing he knows how to have some fun in front of the camera.的确,美国总统巴拉克#8226;奥巴马被偷拍了很多。所以,这对他如何在镜头前面玩来说,是一件好事。In a recently released photo that quickly went viral, the leader of the free world (and recent Time magazine Person of the Year) stands in the White House, pretending to be nabbed by a pint-sized Spider-Man. The photo, which was shared on Obama’s Facebook page, quickly racked up over half a million “likes.” The young web-slinger is believed to be the son of a White House staff member.最近发布的一张照片迅速走红,自由世界的领袖(以及最新的《时代》杂志年度人物)站在白宫,假装被一个小蜘蛛侠逮捕。这张照片在奥巴马的Facebook页面上分享,迅速累积超过五十万“喜欢”。这个年轻的蜘蛛侠是白宫工作人员的儿子。

  it is one of the most astonishing love stories of the Second World War.这是二战期间最令人惊叹的爱情故事之一。British soldier Horace Greasley was so besotted with his German sweetheart he would risk death by Nazi firing squad by sneaking out of his prisoner of war camp to see her.英国士兵贺拉斯·格里斯利是如此深爱他的德国女友,所以他甘愿冒着被纳粹行刑队发现的死亡危险,也要溜出战俘营去见她。Removing the wooden bars from his cell window before crawling under the wire fence, he defied his ruthless captors by meeting lover Rosa Rauchback more than 200 times.搬开他牢房窗口的木条,再从铁丝网下爬过,他背着凶残的看守者去见女友罗莎·拉什贝克超过200多次。Incredibly, Horace – who was famously photographed coming face-to-face with SS Nazi brute Heinrich Himmler – crept back into the camp under their noses each time.你可能不相信,当时的贺拉斯其实很出名,他曾经与纳粹党卫军里的恐怖人物海因里希·希姆莱面对面见过还拍了照,而他每次都是在党卫军眼鼻子底下偷偷回到军营。The confrontation was captured on camera by a German war correspondent and the photo is one of the most iconic of the war.这个他与希姆莱对抗的场景曾被一个德国战地记者拍了下来,该照片也成为了二战中最具有代表性的照片之一。Now his remarkable exploits are being turned into a big Hollywood movie with stars Robert Pattinson and Alex Pettyfer up to play him.如今他的这段光辉事迹将被拍成一部好莱坞大片,扮演他的男星人选包括《暮光之城》罗伯特·帕丁森和模特亚历克斯·佩蒂弗。Horace was captured by Hitler’s forces during the British retreat to Dunkirk in 1940. He first met Rosa at a marble quarry labour camp in Silesia, then part of eastern Germany, where she worked as a translator.贺拉斯是在1940年英国敦刻尔克撤退时被希特勒的部队抓获的。他第一次见到罗莎是在西里西亚的一个大理石采石场劳动营,那里地处德国的东部,她在那儿担任翻译。When he was transferred to a factory prison, Rosa was heartbroken and pursued him – but she had no access to the lock-up.在他被转移到工厂监狱后,罗莎非常伤心,不断寻求他的消息——但她没有办法进入封锁区。So night after night Horace, then aged just 21, risked his life by breaking out of his cell to meet his young lover.于是那时才刚21岁的贺拉斯一夜又一夜地冒着生命危险逃出监狱去见他的情人。For two-and-a-half years, he evaded guards to meet Rosa in a chapel – before sneaking back into his cell carrying food for his starving comrades. He only returned to the camp because there was nowhere to run as it was surrounded by Nazi-occupied countries.整整两年半,他避开守卫在一个小教堂见罗莎,每次逃回以前都会给他饥饿的牢友带食物。他会回到营地,是因为就算逃走也无处可去,周围全是被纳粹军占领的国家。Horace, from Ibstock, Leicestershire, was liberated on May 24, 1945, and continued to receive letters from Rosa – by then a translator for the Americans.贺拉斯来自英国莱斯特郡伊布斯多克地区,他在1945年5月24日被释放,后来他继续收到来自罗莎的信件,那时她在为美国担任翻译工作。But the correspondence suddenly stopped and tragically he eventually found out Rosa had died in childbirth not long after he got home. He never knew if the baby was his.但他们之间的通信突然就断了,他最终了解到悲剧的发生,罗莎在他回家后不久就死于分娩。他永远也无法知晓自己是不是孩子的父亲。Horace married wife Brenda and the couple moved to Spain’s Costa Brava, where he died two years ago aged 91.贺拉斯后来娶了妻子布伦达,夫妻俩搬到了西班牙的布拉瓦海岸,两年前91岁的他在那里去世。His amazing story was turned into a book called Do The Birds Still Sing In Hell? – which was ghostwritten by Ken Scott, in 2008.他的精故事被写成了书,名为《地狱的鸟儿是否歌唱》,这本书由作家肯·斯科特于2008年代笔。US-based Silverline Productions bought the rights and have hired Mission Impossible III producer Stratton Leopold to bring it to the big screen. Scott is flying to Georgia in the next few weeks for a -through of the script.总部在美国的银线电影制造公司购买了版权,并聘请《碟中谍III》的制作人斯特拉·顿利奥波德将这个故事搬上大屏幕。斯科特将在未来几周飞往格鲁吉亚通读剧本。He said: “I can say it will be a mix of German and British actors and they are A-listers. As for the director, they are currently choosing between two. Finally people will see Horace’s amazing story on the big screen.”他说:“我可以说这将是一部聚集德国和英国的大腕明星演员的电影。现在我们有两位导演人选。观众们最终将在大荧幕上看到贺拉斯的精故事。” /201210/205788





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