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Apple will establish a new UK headquarters at Battersea Power Station, in a coup for the Malaysian company behind the huge building project by the river Thames.苹果(Apple)将在位于泰晤士河旁的巴特西发电站(Battersea Power Station)建立新的英国总部,这对于该大规模房地产项目背后的马来西亚公司是个意外之喜。The maker of the iPhone and iPad said on Wednesday that it would lease 500,000 square feet in the former coal-fired power station, which has stood empty for decades.iPhone和iPad制造商苹果周三表示,将在以前的这个燃煤发电站租赁50万平方英尺的面积,该电站已空置几十年。The group will move 1,400 employees to its new site from eight offices around the capital in 2021, giving a boost to the area and to a city grappling with its future role following the UK’s vote to leave the EU.苹果将在2021年将其在伦敦的8个办公地点的1400名员工搬到新址工作,此举将促进该地区以及伦敦的发展,在英国公投决定退欧后,伦敦正艰难应对其未来地位的问题。Apple’s European headquarters are in Ireland, but it is the latest global technology company to announce a new London building, following Facebook’s announcement late last year of a move to Fitzrovia and Google’s plans to build new offices at King’s Cross.苹果的欧洲总部位于爱尔兰,但它是宣布在伦敦建新的办公大楼的最新一家全球科技公司,去年底,Facebook宣布将迁往伦敦费兹洛维亚,同时谷歌(Google)计划在伦敦国王十字车站兴建新的办公楼。A consortium of three Malaysian companies — Sime Darby, SP Setia and the state-run Employees’ Provident Fund — is redeveloping the power station and 42 acres around it to include offices, stores and thousands of homes. The area is due to be connected to the London Underground from 2020.由马来西亚3家公司(Sime Darby、SP Setia和国有的Employees’ Provident Fund)组成的财团正在改造这个发电站以及方圆42英亩的地区,开发项目包括办公楼、商店和数百套公寓。该地区将从2020年起与伦敦地铁(London Underground)连接。But the £8bn development and the broader regeneration area surrounding it have struggled with a downturn in the market for luxury apartments, which make up a large portion of the development plans.然而,这个造价80亿英镑的开发项目以及周边更广泛的改造地区,正艰难应对豪华公寓市场的低迷。豪华公寓占该开发计划的很大比例。Apple will take 40 per cent of the space in the grade II listed 1930s power station, which has been derelict for the past 30 years. Its offices will be in the former boiler house, sp across six floors.苹果将占这个旧发电站40%的空间,这个发电站属于上世纪30年代的建筑,被列为二级保护建筑,已废弃了30年。苹果办公区将位于旧发电站的锅炉房,占据6层空间。 /201609/468964。

  • After an extended delay and the departure of key executives at its headquarters in London, the 166-year-old British retailer House of Fraser has finally made its debut in China.在长期推迟和伦敦总部关键高管离职之后,拥有166年历史的英国零售商福来莎百货(House of Fraser)终于在中国首次亮相。Sanpower Group, the Chinese company that bought House of Fraser in 2014, has struggled since the acquisition to take the initial steps toward launching the brand globally.2014年,中国企业三胞集团(Sanpower)收购了福来莎百货。自那以来,三胞集团一直未能采取初步措施、把该品牌推向全球。This week’s opening in the city of Nanjing was originally slated for 2015 but the date was pushed back several times.本周在中国南京市亮相的项目最初定于2015年开业,但日期被推迟了几次。When Sanpower bought the UK department store chain for £155m more than two years ago, chairman Yuan Yafei laid out a plan to inject capital into the retailer and deploy an empire of new outposts in Russia, the Middle East as well as up to 50 new stores in China under the name “Oriental Fraser”.当三胞集团在两年多以前斥资1.55亿英镑收购这家英国百货连锁公司时,董事长袁亚非提出了一项计划——拟向这家零售商注入资金,在俄罗斯、中东打造一个新的商业连锁帝国,并在中国以“东方福来莎”之名开设至多50家新门店。The original plan for the brand in China, people with first-hand knowledge of House of Fraser and the deal told the Financial Times earlier this year, was to use Sanpower cash to invest in high-end real estate in cities across the country in which the new House of Fraser stores would be opened.知情人士今年早些时候告诉英国《金融时报》,在中国推广该品牌的初始计划,是三胞集团拿现金在全国各地的城市投资建设高端地产项目,然后在其中开设新的福来莎门店。The Chinese company, which owns 89 per cent of House of Fraser, had also agreed to inject £75m into House of Fraser UK for things such as a technology revamp, the people said.知情人士表示,这家拥有福来莎百货89%股权的中国企业,也曾同意向福来莎英国业务注资7500万英镑,用于诸如技术改造等事项。Instead, investment has flowed in the opposite direction, with the aly cash-strapped UK operations paying for some of the developments in China, the company has said. Instead of buying or renting retail locations in China, Sanpower will convert some its own pre-existing shopping centres into space for House of Fraser.然而该公司表示,实际资金流向是相反的,本已资金短缺的英国业务为中国一些开发项目提供了资金。三胞集团没有在中国购买或租入零售场地,而是将把自己原有的购物中心改装成福来莎门店。The flagship store in Nanjing, which opened on Wednesday, is sited in a Sanpower-owned shopping space.周三开业的福来莎百货南京旗舰店,位于三胞集团拥有的一处购物中心。According to a statement from Sanpower, the store occupies six storeys and sells items from more than 300 brands. “House of Fraser China will replicate the heritage of House of Fraser from different stores and focusing on quintessentially English brands,” it said.三胞集团的声明称,该门店共六层,销售300多个品牌的商品。“福来莎中国将用不同的门店再现福来莎百货的传统,并专注于典型的英国品牌,”三胞集团表示。 /201612/485539。
  • Günther Oettinger, Germany’s European commissioner, bowed to mounting public pressure yesterday and issued a grovelling apology for a speech last week in which he insulted the Chinese, women, gay people and the Belgian region of Wallonia.昨日,德国的欧盟专员金特.厄廷格(Günther Oettinger)迫于越来越大的公众压力,对上周侮辱了中国人、女性、同性恋群体以及比利时瓦隆大区(Wallonia)的演讲发表了语气谦卑的道歉。The move is an about-face from Mr Oettinger, who had previously tried to brush off the furore over his remarks, which included a reference to Chinese people with “slitty eyes” and “hair combed from left to right with black shoe polish”.此举是厄廷格的幡然转变,此前他试图无视人们对他言论的愤怒。他的言论包括形容中国人“眯缝眼”和“用黑色鞋油把头发从左向右梳”。In a statement published on Wednesday, he had acknowledged “that the words I used have created bad feelings and may even have hurt people#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I would like to apologise for any remark that was not as respectful as it should have been”.在周三发表的声明中,他承认“我使用的语言让人心情不愉快,甚至可能受到了伤害……我想为我的任何欠妥的、不够尊重的言论道歉”。The scandal could not have come at a worse time for Mr Oettinger and his boss, European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker.对厄廷格及其上司欧盟委员会(European Commission)主席让-克洛德.容克(Jean-Claude Juncker)来说,该丑闻发生的时机不能更糟糕了。Last Friday, before the German’s remarks erupted into the open, Mr Juncker announced that he had selected Mr Oettinger to take over the European Commission’s coveted budget portfolio.上周五,在厄廷格的言论引发哗然之前,容克已宣布他选择厄廷格接管欧盟委员会令人垂涎的预算投资组合工作。Mr Juncker at the time lauded Mr Oettinger’s “professionalism” and his “good network of contacts”.容克当时称赞了厄廷格的“专业性”及其“良好的关系网”。The affair is the latest example of verbal self-destruction by Mr Oettinger, who has served as Germany’s EU commissioner since 2010.该事件是厄廷格在言语上自毁的最新例子,他自2010年开始担任德国的欧盟专员。Previous gaffes included a warning at the height of the Fukushima nuclear disaster that the reactor meltdown was out “out of control” — a remark that unleashed turmoil on the global financial markets.他之前的失言包括,在福岛核灾难最紧急时警告称那场反应堆熔毁事故已经“失控”——该言论引发了全球金融市场动荡。Flashpoints in his speech in Hamburg reportedly included a reference to Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium, as “a micro-region run by communists,” and a bizarre aside about “compulsory gay marriage”.据报道,他在汉堡发表的那场演讲中的引发争议的言论包括,把瓦隆大区(比利时法语区)称为“由共产党人治理的微小地区”以及关于“强制性同性婚姻”的怪异笑话。A commission spokesman said Mr Juncker spoke to Mr Oettinger on Wednesday about the matter and they would talk again today.欧盟委员会一名发言人称,周三容克与厄廷格就该事件进行了谈话,他们今天还将再次谈话。“The president would like also to have the commissioner’s explanations on what he actually said and how he put himself in a position that required a statement to be issued today,” the spokesman said.“主席也想听专员解释他当时的原话是什么以及他是如何把自己置于今天不得不发表声明的境地,”该发言人称。In an unusually contrite statement for a senior EU official, Mr Oettinger apologised three times in the space of four paragraphs.在这份对于欧盟高级官员来说忏悔异常诚恳的声明中,厄廷格在四段话中道了3次歉。“I was frank and open — it was not a speech out, but ‘frei von der leber’ as we say in German,” he said. “Once again, apologies if my words caused negative feelings.”“我当时是心直口快——不是照演讲稿说的,而是我们在德语中所说的‘有口无心’(frei von der leber),”他称,“如果我说的话让人心情不愉快,我再次道歉。” /201611/476284。
  • Taiwan is set to be the first place in Asia to allow gay marriage after a landmark ruling by the island’s constitutional court.在台湾司法院做出具有里程碑意义的裁决后,台湾将成为亚洲首个允许同性婚姻的地区。The court said existing laws stipulating wedlock must be between a man and a woman “was in violation of both the people’s freedom of marriage?.?.?.?and the people’s right to equality”.“台湾司法院表示,现行法律中关于婚姻必须是一男一女结合的规定违反人民婚姻自由及人民平等权。Sexual orientation is an immutable characteristic that is immutable to change,” said the court, also known as the Judicial Yuan. “The freedom of marriage for two persons of the same sex .?.?.?will constitute the collective basis, together with opposite-sex marriage, for a stable society.”台湾司法院表示,性取向是不可改变的特征,同性婚姻自由与异性婚姻一样,将共同构成稳定社会的基础。The ruling is a first for the world’s largest continent, where more conservative countries including China do not recognise same-sex unions and in some cases are taking a harder line against homosexuality. It also confirms Taiwan’s reputation as one of Asia’s most socially liberal societies.该裁决在这个世界最大洲是首例,包括中国大陆在内的更保守的地区并不认可同性结合,有的还对同性恋采取了更强硬的态度。这也实了台湾地区作为亚洲最自由社会之一的名声。“This is definitely one of the most exciting moments in the history of LGBT rights in Taiwan,” said Leslie Li, a student at National Taiwan University in Taipei.“这肯定是台湾LGBT(女同性恋、男同性恋、双性恋及跨性别者群体)权利历史上最激动人心的时刻之一,”位于台北的台湾大学(National Taiwan University)的学生Leslie Li表示。China has claimed sovereignty over Tai-wan since 1949 when the Chinese Com-munist party defeated its rival the Nationalist party, or Kuomintang, in a civil war. The KMT lost last year’s Taiwan presidential election to the pro-independence Democratic Progressive party, which supported gay marriage.自1949年中国共产党在内战中打败其对手国民党以来,中国大陆一直宣称对台湾地区拥有主权。去年,国民党在台湾总统大选中输给了持独立的民进党。民进党持同性婚姻。Members of China’s LGBT community hailed the ruling. “It will form an important part of our strategy for the LGBT rights movement in China and be a good guide for Chinese law,” said Wei Xiaogang, executive director of Beijing Gender, a non-governmental organisation that lobbies for LGBT rights.中国大陆LGBT群体为这项裁决欢呼。“这将构成大陆LGBT权利运动战略的重要部分,并很好地指引大陆法律,”为LGBT权利进行游说的非政府组织北京纪安德咨询中心(Beijing Gender)执行主任魏建刚表示。“Mainland couples will go to Taiwan to get married,” Mr Wei predicted. “And Taiwanese LGBT people will be able to marry their mainland partners.”“大陆的伴侣将前往台湾结婚,”魏建刚预计,“台湾LGBT群体将可以与他们的大陆伴侣结婚。”The Chinese government in Beijing is suspicious of Taiwan’s president and DPP standard-bearer, Tsai Ing-wen, fearing her efforts to promote the isl-a-nd’s cultural distinctiveness are really aimed at advancing her party’s indepen-d-ence platform. Ms Tsai’s win in Janu-ary last year made her the first democratically elected female ruler of a Chinese society.中国政府对台湾总统、民进党领导人蔡英文(Tsai Ing-wen)持怀疑态度,担心她推动台湾文化独特性的努力实际上是为了推进其政党的台独纲领。蔡英文在去年1月赢得台湾大选,使得她成为了中国社会中通过民主选举产生的首位女性统治者。“Taiwan’s progress is rooted in its soc-ial system and tolerance,” said Shi Ful-ong, a lawyer who tried to help a Chinese gay couple register their marriage two years ago. The application was rejected.“台湾的进步根源于它的社会制度和包容性,”两年前试图帮助大陆一对同性伴侣登记结婚的律师石伏龙表示。该申请被驳回。“In China, we are only at the starting point when it come to legalising same-sex marriage,” Mr Shi added. “The government needs to consider social customs and public acceptance. I think it will take another 20 years.石伏龙称:“在大陆,我们在同性婚姻合法化问题上才刚刚起步。政府需要考虑社会习俗和公众的接受程度。我认为这还需要20年的时间。””Gay marriage is also not recognised in the Chinese “special administrative reg-ions” of Hong Kong and Macau, where the Roman Catholic Church, which has no diplomatic ties with mainland China, remains a powerful institution.中国香港和特别行政区也不承认同性婚姻,那里的罗马天主教会(Roman Catholic Church,与中国内地没有外交关系)仍然是影响力强大的机构。Xin Ying, director of the Beijing LGBT centre, said: “Taiwan’s move will propel LGBT movements across Asia.”北京同志中心(Beijing LGBT Centre)主任辛莹(音译)表示,“台湾此举将推动整个亚洲的LGBT运动。” /201705/511724。
  • RIO DE JANEIRO — Consider what it takes to keep all those Olympian machines nourished and hydrated for one meal at the Rio Games: 250 tons of raw ingredients to fill the bellies of 18,000 athletes, coaches and officials in the Olympic Village.里约热内卢――想想看,需要多少东西,才能在里约奥运会的一餐上为所有奥运机器提供营养和水分:每顿饭都需要250吨原材料,才能喂饱奥运村里的1.8万名运动员、教练员和官员。Now multiply that figure by three — for breakfast, lunch and dinner — and again for each day of the games.如果把这个数字乘以三――早饭、午饭和晚饭――那就是奥运会每天所需要的量。On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Italian chef Massimo Bottura also did the math and was inspired, not by the tantalizing dimensions of herculean consumption but by the prospect of colossal waste.在大西洋的另一侧,意大利主厨马西莫#8226;图拉(Massimo Bottura)也做了这样一道算术题,并且受到了启发——不是因为这样诱人的庞大消耗,而是因为其中的巨大浪费。“I thought, this is an opportunity to do something that can make a difference,” said Bottura, 53, a fast-talking blur of a man whose restaurant in Modena, Osteria Francescana, recently earned the top award from the World’s 50 Best Restaurants.“我当时想,这是做出改变的机会,”53岁的图拉说起话来快而含糊,他在德纳(Modena,意大利北部城市——编注)开的餐厅“Osteria Francescana”前不久刚刚获得了“世界50佳餐厅”评选的头奖。On Thursday night, that something looked like this: In a fraying section of downtown Rio, a pack of the world’s most venerated chefs were rushing around a slapdash kitchen amid a crush of volunteers as they improvised a dinner for 70 homeless people.星期四晚上,人们眼前出现了这样一幕:在里约市中心一处破破烂烂的地方,一群世界上最受人尊敬的大厨跟着一群志愿者涌进一个凌乱的厨房,他们要临时为70名无家可归者做一顿晚餐。All of the ingredients, most of which might have otherwise been thrown away, had been donated, as had the labor of the chefs and orange-aproned servers, some of whom had traveled to Rio from California, Germany and Japan.所有食材都是捐献而来,其中大部分原本是要被丢弃的,大厨们和身穿橘红色围裙的侍者们都是免费来做义工,其中有些人还是从加利福尼亚、德国和日本坐飞机赶来的。The creators of this place, Refettorio Gastromotiva — refettorio means dining hall in Italian — hope it will change the way Brazilians, and the world, think about hunger, food waste and the nourishing of human dignity.这个地方名叫“Refettorio Gastromotiva”,“refettorio”在意大利语里就是“餐厅”的意思,创办者们希望它能改变巴西乃至整个世界对饥饿、浪费食物和培养人性尊严的看法。“This is not just a charity; it’s not just about feeding people,” said Bottura, pausing to pick up trash from the forlorn playground outside his new venture. “This is about social inclusion, teaching people about food waste and giving hope to people who have lost all hope.”“这不仅仅是一项慈善活动,不仅仅是喂饱人们,”图拉顿了一下,从他的新餐厅外面荒凉的游乐场上捡拾垃圾。“这事关社会融合,它教给人们有关食品浪费的事情,把希望带给那些失去一切希望的人。”In the days since it began operating Wednesday out of a hastily erected translucent box in the downtrodden neighborhood of Lapa, Refettorio Gastromotiva has become something of a sensation — a feel-good counterpoint to the commercialization of the games, and to the gluttony that unfolds each night in the pop-up pavilions that many countries have set up throughout the city.Refettorio Gastromotiva位于穷人住的拉帕(Lapa)社区,是一座仓促搭建起来的半透明盒状结构,自星期三开始运营以来,很快造成了轰动——奥运会已经高度商业化,这座城市布满了来自世界各国的临时饮摊点,每夜都有许多人大吃大喝,图拉的饭馆和这种景象形成令人愉悦的鲜明对比。Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of Italy and Brazilian actress and television host Regina Casé have stopped by, and culinary luminaries like Alain Ducasse, Virgilio Martínez Véliz and Joan Roca are among the 50 chefs who have signed up for kitchen shifts.意大利总理马泰奥#8226;伦齐(Matteo Renzi)和巴西女演员、电视节目主持人雷吉娜#8226;卡塞(Regina Casé)都曾在这里驻足,烹饪界名人阿兰#8226;杜卡塞(Alain Ducasse)、维尔吉利奥#8226;马丁内斯#8226;维利兹(Virgilio Martínez Véliz)和霍安#8226;罗卡(Joan Roca)也在厨房的50位轮班厨师之列。On Thursday night, Alex Atala, who runs DOM, one of Brazil’s top-rated restaurants, and is the former host of a popular cooking show, helped prepare the evening’s : Italian-style couscous with sautéed beef and panzanella, a Tuscan b-and-tomato dish that was produced with ingredients donated by the catering companies that supply the Olympic Village.巴西顶级餐厅DOM的老板阿历克斯#8226;阿塔拉(Alex Atala)曾经主持过一档颇受欢迎的烹饪电视节目,星期四晚上,他帮忙准备了晚餐的菜谱:意式粗麦粉炸牛肉;还有“panzanella”,这是一种托斯卡纳式的面包配西红柿,食材都是为奥运村提供饮食的公司捐献的。Atala said the astounding deluge of international support was born of seemingly unrelated global movements: the growing awareness of food waste, the rise of the celebrity chef and widesp frustration over the persistence of hunger in even the most developed countries.阿塔拉说,这样惊人的国际援助,来自几种看似毫无联系的全球运动:人们对节约食品的意识在增长;明星厨师的崛起;以及对饥饿现象的普遍沮丧,长期难以解决的饥饿问题甚至在大多数发达国家仍然存在。“We are a generation of young chefs who are not competing with each other, but who want to share,” Atala, 48, said.“我们年轻一代厨师不会彼此竞争,而是希望分享,”48岁的阿塔拉说。The project is not Bottura’s first venture into culinary philanthropy. During the World Expo in Milan last year, he turned an abandoned theater into Refettorio Ambrosiano, and the center continues to operate.这并不是图拉第一次尝试烹饪慈善事业。在去年的米兰世界览会上,他把一处废弃的剧院改建成了“Refettorio Ambrosiano”,那个饮食中心现在仍然在运营。His latest refettorio is a collaboration with David Hertz, a Brazilian chef who has spent the past decade training disadvantaged men and women to work as kitchen assistants and sping the gospel of slow food, a movement that emphasizes local culinary traditions and high-quality, locally sourced ingredients.这家最新的餐厅是他同巴西主厨大卫#8226;赫兹(David Hertz)合作的成果,过去十年来,赫兹一直在致力于培训身有残疾的男女担任厨房助手,并传播“慢食运动”,该运动注重本土烹饪传统,以及高质量的本地食材。Nine months before the start of the games, and with little time to waste, Hertz persuaded the city’s mayor to provide an empty lot, and Bottura began the difficult task of raising 0,000.奥运会开幕九个月之前,赫兹抓紧时间,说里约市长提供一块空地;图拉则承担了募集25万美元资金的艰巨任务。Last-minute appeals yielded a bevy of commercial-grade freezers, ovens and an ice cream maker. The structure, a gleaming industrial shed outfitted with art and crisp plywood furniture, was built in 55 days. Despite the generosity, the project ran over budget and created a nearly 0,000 hole that the organizers are trying to fill with donations.最后时刻的呼吁,令这家店得到了一批商用级别的冰箱和烤箱,以及一台冰淇淋机。这座建筑也在55天内建成了,它是一座闪闪发光的工业风格小屋,里面装饰着艺术品,摆放着簇新的胶合板家具。尽管有各方面慷慨解囊,这个项目还是超出了预算,造成了将近19万美元的亏空,组织者们正在试图用捐款来填补。With a 10-year lease to their sliver of land, Food for Soul, Bottura’s organization, plans to keep the venture going after the Olympics are over. To make it sustainable, Refettorio Gastromotiva will serve lunch to paying customers and use the proceeds to fund more than 100 free dinners each night for those in need.图拉的组织“灵魂食粮”(Food for Soul)拥有这块土地十年的租约,它计划在奥运会结束后仍继续运营。为了能够持续发展下去,Refettorio Gastromotiva将来还会向付费客户提供午餐务,并且使用这部分收益,每天晚上向100个有需要的人免费提供晚餐。“This is not some pop-up project,” Bottura said.“这不是一次性的临时项目,”图拉说。On Thursday, the second night of operation, the refettorio was the site of controlled chaos. Workers struggled to churn out three successive seatings while coping with a shortage of natural gas and an inadequate electricity supply that made it impossible to use the deep fryer, ovens and freezers at the same time.星期四,也就是餐厅开张第二个晚上,这里充满有序的混乱。工人们忙着打造三排椅子;由于天然气和电力短缺,导致炸锅、烤箱和冰箱没法同时工作。At 6 p.m., the door flung open and the diners shuffled in, eyes wide with anticipation. The chef explained each course, which emerged from the open kitchen on simple white china. Cheers and applause filled the room.到了晚上6点,门开了,用餐者们拖着脚步走进来,眼睛睁得大大的,充满了期待。菜肴用简单的白瓷餐具盛着,从开放式厨房里端出来,大厨逐一向客人们讲解。欢呼和掌声充满房间。One diner, Rene da Concei#231;#227;o, said the food was the best he’d had in his 40 years, the past nine of which he has spent living with his wife on the streets of Rio.一位名叫勒内#8226;达#8226;孔塞萨(Rene da Concei#231;#227;o)的用餐者说,这是他40年来吃过的最美味的食物,过去九年里,他和妻子生活在里约街头。“Oh my God, he takes banana peels and makes incredible ice cream,” he gushed afterward. “And you know, we ate food from Italy!”“上帝啊,他把香蕉剥了皮,做成了美味的冰淇淋,”事后他滔滔不绝地说道。“你知道吗,我们吃上意大利餐了!”A thin, bedraggled man with a wide, infectious smile, Concei#231;#227;o explained that his meals were usually scavenged from garbage bins and that he went to bed hungry many nights. Since the Olympics began, he said, police have barred him from Copacabana, a neighborhood that provides a cornucopia of discarded food and items like cardboard that can be sold to recyclers.孔塞萨身材消瘦,脏兮兮的,脸上却带着富于感染力的笑容,他说,自己平常吃的都是垃圾箱里捡来的东西,经常饿着肚子睡觉。他说,自从奥运会开始以来,警察禁止他进入科帕卡巴纳,那里有丰盛的丢弃食品,还有纸板箱之类可以卖给垃圾回收商的东西。More than filling his stomach, Refettorio Gastromotiva, he said, had provided much-needed dollops of kindness and respect.他说,Refettorio Gastromotiva不仅填饱了他的肚子,也带来了一点他非常需要的善意与尊敬。“These guys, they shake your hand and they treat you like you’re a boss,” he said. “I thought I was dreaming and told my wife to pinch me. But it wasn’t a dream.”“这些人跟你握手,对你就像对老板一样,”他说。“我还觉得自己是在做梦,让老婆捏我一下。但这不是在做梦。” /201608/461312。
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